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So what did Bush do concerning him? Nothing.
Fri Aug 5, 2011 10:57pm

He could have gotten him if he wanted to. He walked away from him.

  • Totally wrongLewis, Fri Aug 5 9:56pm
    OBL was on the presidential radar long BEFORE Bush. OBL was offered (I think, by Pakistan) to Slick Willy - who declined.
    • So what did Bush do concerning him? Nothing. — Mike, Fri Aug 5 10:57pm
      • What did Bush do? Well ... let's reviewLewis, Sat Aug 6 9:45am
        The intelligence community was tracking him by cell phone emanations - until the New York Times posted what we were doing, and how. Then, they were tracking the US numbers called by known Al Qaeda... more
        • Bush didn't track the guyMike, Wed Aug 17 8:01pm
          He just needed to give the order to take him out. If the commander of a huge deployed army can't find the tallest man in the M.E. that walks with a cane in 8 years then he's not looking too hard.
          • Neither did Obama.Lewis, Thu Aug 18 10:19am
            Both presidents used the intelligence community to do that - an intelligence community that Bush's predecessors had gutted, so that he had to rebuild virtually from scratch. An intelligence community ... more
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