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Having "incorrect information" is no excuse
Sat Aug 6, 2011 3:39am

He knew, or should have known, the enormous consequence of invading that country and keeping it propped up indefinitely. Not to mention eliminating an enemy of Iran and giving her an oil-rich brotherhood state instead.

Oopsie...Just "incorrect information" is all.

Of course he used fear. How else was he going to try to get public support without using fear and hysteria?

There was no reason for this war. It wasn't worth it. When nothing else makes sense - follow the money!

  • Actually -Lewis, Fri Aug 5 9:23am
    Bush didn't use fear and hysteria; what he did was inform the American people about reality - or, at least, reality as he got it from the CIA. Because Clinton's CIA crew gave him incorrect... more
    • Having "incorrect information" is no excuse — Mike, Sat Aug 6 3:39am
      • So glad you agree.Lewis, Sat Aug 6 9:48am
        Removing any excuses whatsoever from what Obama has done to this country. And heaping even more blame on Senators Kerry and Clinton.
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