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You know better than that
Sun Aug 7, 2011 10:24pm

That's merely your vitriol talking again. Try a little Maalox.

There's no way Bush did NOT know about him being in Pakistan - after all, the area around Tora Bora and Pakistan is pretty porous. However - knowing just WHERE in Pakistan depended on linkages that required years to develop.

Our "Human asset" intelligence network could have functioned a whole lot better - but then, Slick Willy pretty well gutted it and it took a while to restore.

  • He was tipped offMike, Sun Aug 7 7:39pm
    And Obama dispatched an execution squad to take him out. Cheap, clean, and effective. If Bush ever decided to go after him in Pakistan (which I doubt) he would have leveled hundreds of square miles... more
    • Of course he was tipped offLewis, Tue Aug 9 12:09pm
      That's what happens with "human intelligence". Networks of "human assets" take many years to develop. We had quite a network going in the MidEast. In 1969, when I was finally allowed to retrain, they ... more
      • "Gentlemen do not ... "Lewis, Tue Aug 9 5:08pm
        In the main entrance to Building 2000 at what WAS Air Force Intelligence Headquarters building, Kelly AFB, was a large plaque reading "Gentlemen don't read other gentlemen's mail". This was a quote... more
    • You know better than that — Lewis, Sun Aug 7 10:24pm
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