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It's all about liberal beaurocracy
Mon Aug 8, 2011 9:35am

Liberals love excessive regulation, and the oil business if a prime example thereof.

You have permits for EXPLORATION, and then permits for pumping.

In 1985, or there about, an oil company tracked us down and we signed contracts for EXPLORATION.

Yes, they found oil (although they never told us), but had to cap off the well pending proper permitting and licensing.

The delay was such that they lost their contracts, and now a larger company has taken over for pumping.

And - oh, yes - those "major oil company subsidies", that tax-happy liberals are always bitching about.

Know how much that is?

Zero. Zip. Nada. They get NO subsidies - that's just some more liberal (deliberate) misinformation. The subsidies go only to the small start-up companies.

  • By no means.Lewis, Sun Aug 7 10:33pm
    Once the oil reaches shore from the off-shore rig, then you still have the same problem with pipelines and other transport. Wells tapped out? Sorry - I know something about that. My wife's family (a... more
    • Re: By no means.Mike, Wed Aug 17 12:00am
      Of course you need transport for land distribution, but you don't need any other transport other than the freighter itself to fill up off-shore. It fills up right at the source. Oil from on-shore... more
    • It's all about liberal beaurocracy — Lewis, Mon Aug 8 9:35am
      • So liberals caused that?Mike, Wed Aug 17 12:37am
        The oil companies couldn't meet their deadlines and it is the fault of the liberals? I know you want to defend them at all costs, but they're all doing just fine, still making RECORD profits. However ... more
        • As a matter of fact - yes.Lewis, Wed Aug 17 7:23am
          They didn't meet their deadlines because of having to comply with unnecessarily restrictive and complex regulations - put in place by liberals. This country, remember, is actually run more by the... more
      • Re: It's all about liberal beaurocracyC, Sat Aug 13 12:26am
        Lewis how bout we just shut em all down, make the unions and demos go broke. It's happening today.
        • Go broke?Lewis, Sun Aug 14 9:51am
          They'll never go broke; they're tapped into the taxpayers' arteries. They'll run the TAXPAYERS broke, of course - in fact, they already have.
          • You wanna play? You gotta pay!Mike, Wed Aug 17 12:51am
            It's as simple as that.
            • Exactly the point.Lewis, Wed Aug 17 7:34am
              Boot their asses out and send them home - about 80% of our swollen government is not only not required by our constitution - most of the surplus is actually unconstitutional and totally unnecessary.
              • Here's how -Lewis, Thu Aug 18 10:52am
                Return to the individual sovereign states the power to do what they're supposed to do. We don't need federal education supervision; that's up to the states. Ditto labor relations. In fact - just... more
              • Sounds like a good planMike, Wed Aug 17 2:42pm
                But it still doesn't solve the problem of not having enough revenue needed to pay for what you've already committed to. A tax increase is necessary. Even a $1.5T cut in the budget will not make it... more
                • To solve a problem, do what's proven to workLewis, Thu Aug 18 10:46am
                  Previous administrations of BOTH liberals and conservatives have increased (almost doubled) total revenue by REDUCING taxes, not increasing them. When you take money out of the economy for taxes, it... more
                  • Correlation vs causation Mike, Thu Aug 18 5:50pm
                    You're only basing your theory on a period of a phony economic boom. Yes, revenue was up, taxes were low, unemployment was low, but what made it phony was that credit was cheap, risk-free, and... more
                    • Wrong.Lewis, Thu Aug 18 6:45pm
                      What's strangling our economy is not taxes, but the certain THREAT of even more taxes. Nobody is going to hire and take on a payroll obligation that they can't meet - they're going to hoard their... more
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