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are u sure he was the one who indulged
Sun Aug 14, 2011 1:16pm

in them ? there were two or 3 other men living there including the owner of the house. btw, with 4 wives, why does he need porn ?!!

  • No more thanother people, perhapsLewis, Tue Aug 9 11:55am
    But the man's fanatical religion is such that he hates us for our "decadence" - ... then a search of his quarters reveals his fondness for porn and whiskey.
    • are u sure he was the one who indulged — matthew, Sun Aug 14 1:16pm
      • Good questionsLewis, Mon Aug 15 7:29am
        If he was a "nasty nice" as he represented himself to be, I doubt that he'd have permitted the other men to drink. About the only one who could have gotten away with it was himself Porn? Why does... more
        • if you remeber, its 10 years this septembermatthew, Mon Aug 22 3:07pm
          when we heard the news of the attack on the wtc on charlene's board. i think royd broke the news, scott & aku was also there adding to the commentary.
          • Lest we forget ...Lewis, Mon Aug 22 5:14pm
            As a matter of fact, my favorite NFL team plays Denver on 9/11 - and the stadium will be packed with people. A fine time for a repeat performance ... I hope none of the fans farts too loudly - it... more
            • BTW ...Lewis, Mon Aug 22 5:16pm
              It's been forever and three weeks since I've heard from Royd. Does anybody know what's happening there? AKU, I don't worry about - don't care if I never hear of him again. He's got even less honor... more
              • royd last posted on this boardmatthew, Tue Sep 6 12:35pm
                about a year ago, aku still seems occasionally active on the other boards
                • Gone but not forgotten -Lewis, Wed Sep 7 11:51am
                  I kind of miss Royd - I often wonder how he's made it through the anti-Islam hostility that's developed lately. The "prevaricating Polynesian" has the same lack of integrity I've seen with Mike; I... more
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