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sez you ! obviously what do you have to "learn" ?
Sun Aug 14, 2011 1:30pm

u know humans cant create matter, mass, energy, space, time, plants, stars, life etc, etc ?

at the most they re-arranged some matter eg. making buildings, cars, planes and other toys of "civilization" or converted some matter into energy eg. bombs & weapons....i.e destruction....nothing constructive !

u got everything free, sunlight, trees, fruit to eat and water to drink ! what in heavens name do you want to LEARN ??

  • Yes -Lewis, Sun Aug 7 3:59pm
    Created as a human, he had a human-sized brain with a virtual unlimited learning capacity - he just hadn't yet done the learning.
    • sez you ! obviously what do you have to "learn" ? — matthew, Sun Aug 14 1:30pm
      • Oh, all sorts of things.Lewis, Mon Aug 15 7:57am
        Like, for instance, shelter of some sort is nice when it's raining, snowing, or hailing. And a fire is nice when it's cold. And a set of wheels on a cart make carrying the firewood a lot easier. And... more
    • BTW, Matthew -Lewis, Sun Aug 7 10:36pm
      Had any luck yet, finding that human who's any where near having used all of his knowledge storage capacity? How about the drowned polar bear?
      • actually, much of the brain deals withmatthew, Sun Aug 14 1:36pm
        controlling the body functions, only it grows over a certain limit does it start to think abstract thoughts & logic...which causes the whole problem.
        • YepLewis, Tue Aug 16 8:17am
          It was designed and built that way. The original human brain had virtual unlimited learning capacity.
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