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I sometimes wonder about that
Mon Aug 15, 2011 8:12am

Oil isn't made and then inflicted on nature by man; it's a natural substance, and nature knows how to deal with it.

There are many places on earth where oil spurts up, without any wells having been drilled.

San Francisco Bay is polluted with oil globules, too - and not from leakage of ships; it's from oil naturally seeping up from below the sea bed.

We sell mother nature far too short - the ocean has marvelous recovery powers. I've mentioned it before - people forget, but reality doesn't change: In World war II, we had enough oil to fuel one humongous defense department - but we also supplied our allies. And, in just ONE WEEK, German U-Boats off Cape Hatteras, NC (close enough to be seen from shore) sent six (6) fully loaded tankers to the bottom.

That oil went SOMEwhere, and the ocean recovered.

  • and its also very dangerousmatthew, Sun Aug 14 1:24pm
    luckily the pressure of the oil well in mexico was low and the weather calm, else they might have not been able to cap it.....and u can imagine a few hundred billion barrels spewing out into the... more
    • Gentlemen, a WOOD fire is dangerousLewis, Wed Aug 17 7:14am
      The native bush people in Australia have so frequently set the bush ablaze that the place has gotten used to it - in fact, there are trees that will not germinate unless they ARE exposed to fire. If... more
    • That is trueMike, Tue Aug 16 11:04pm
      But the oil companies don't care about the environment. They are in it for profit and they must remain competitive with the many others that are drilling off shore.
    • I sometimes wonder about that — Lewis, Mon Aug 15 8:12am
      • Yes, nature does deal with itMike, Tue Aug 16 11:32pm
        It's really a matter of balance. Oil does seep on it's own from below and is eventually dispersed and eaten up. However, a full blown large well that is emptied into the ocean in a short amount of... more
        • Yes, that's true tooLewis, Wed Aug 17 7:19am
          But then oil from a British rig intended for the US is no more noxious than oil from a Chinese rig intended for China - and our seaboard (Atlantic and Gulf) is littered with oil rigs of other... more
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