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It dpends on the location of the well
Wed Aug 17, 2011 12:17am

Pipelines are the most efficient. The point is that you need transport this oil to the freighter from the well, where as you don't need to with off-shore wells.

  • BTW, Mike -Lewis, Sun Aug 7 10:39pm
    Most oil doesn't travel in pipelines (although a lot does). Some of it is carried by over-the-road transport trucks, and some by railroad tanker cars. Ocean-going tankers have a problem navigating... more
    • It dpends on the location of the well — Mike, Wed Aug 17 12:17am
      • You don't have to put it in a freighterLewis, Wed Aug 17 7:31am
        You put it in railway tank cars - @ 50 or 60 per train - and haul it overland. As we now do. Put it in a ship and it's very, very close to the water - so that a storm or other adverse action can sink ... more
        • They could have just used railway cars instead? Railroading oil is not always practical. A super tanker can hold more than 4 million barrels. One railway tanker car holds about 700 barrels, and at... more
          • And how many trains in a day?Lewis, Thu Aug 18 10:37am
            Just as tankers have a hard time navigating inland, away from the water - railway capacity doesn't exist (yet)in Prudhoe bay. We have our refineries ALMOST exclusively on the water - but should not.... more
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