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You don't have to put it in a freighter
Wed Aug 17, 2011 7:31am

You put it in railway tank cars - @ 50 or 60 per train - and haul it overland. As we now do.

Put it in a ship and it's very, very close to the water - so that a storm or other adverse action can sink the ship and dump the oil.

BTW, of COURSE oil companies are in it for profit. So who ARE those evil oil companies?

Individual people, the shareholders. You. Me. Granny grunt down the street - everybody who has an insurance policy, pension, or savings account.

  • It dpends on the location of the wellMike, Wed Aug 17 12:17am
    Pipelines are the most efficient. The point is that you need transport this oil to the freighter from the well, where as you don't need to with off-shore wells.
    • You don't have to put it in a freighter — Lewis, Wed Aug 17 7:31am
      • They could have just used railway cars instead? Railroading oil is not always practical. A super tanker can hold more than 4 million barrels. One railway tanker car holds about 700 barrels, and at... more
        • And how many trains in a day?Lewis, Thu Aug 18 10:37am
          Just as tankers have a hard time navigating inland, away from the water - railway capacity doesn't exist (yet)in Prudhoe bay. We have our refineries ALMOST exclusively on the water - but should not.... more
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