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You STILL don't get it.
Thu Aug 18, 2011 10:14am

"Regulations" is another name for "laws".

Laws must be enforced or they have no value - and this enforcement requires policing. This "policing" is called "oversight".

Contrary to the claims made by you and others like you, Bush did not (repeat, not) remove all regulations; there were ample to to the job - IF the liberal-dominated congress did their duties of OVERSIGHT.

But remember what happened, when he called on them to do just that?

  • THEY are the ones who are really conservative. The others just call themselves conservatives but don't act like it. The conservative party in power is giving us record deficits right now, just like... more
    • And here -Lewis, Thu Aug 18 10:30am
      Our liberal-dominated congress has not even PRODUCED an annual budget for going on now three years. "Pay for play"? That's the problem - they're playing too much when and where they should not be... more
      • Well, they could produce a budgetMike, Thu Aug 18 4:14pm
        Don't know how accurate ANYONE can make one if one cannot project what their tax revenue is going to be. Since the meltdown in 2008 that revenue was on a slippery slope.
        • For three years - although it's required annually. You project revenue the same way its always been projected; but they didn't bother - they occupied their time by passing law after law that would... more
    • You STILL don't get it. — Lewis, Thu Aug 18 10:14am
      • And laws have teeth. When you strip regulations (and you did), you're stripping laws. Our oversight is done by auditing. I've explained how our regulations kept us out of big trouble. We literally... more
        • You have an error of facts. Lewis, Thu Aug 18 6:23pm
          When you say "strip" regulations, you imply that ALL regulations were removed - and they were not. There were, and are, ample regulations to have done the job - IF the Senate and House committees... more
          • The Gramm-Leach-Bliley ActMike, Thu Aug 18 8:33pm
            That bill stripped numerous regulatory laws and even introduced a privacy act which removed transparency. It repealed the Glass–Steagall Act of 1933 which forbid banks to sell their risks to... more
            • . . . was illl-advised, to be sureLewis, Fri Aug 19 7:56am
              . . . but Clinton had made that into law before Bush ever took office. You've constantly beaten your drum about BUSH stripping the regulations - So, what regulations did Bush strip? The congressional ... more
              • I never said Bush stripped regulationsMike, Fri Aug 19 1:13pm
                There you go again, attributing something to me that I've never said. I said the GOP congress wrote the bill that did that. Yes, Bush was not responsible for signing it into law. Clinton did sign it... more
                • A number of things are obvious ...Lewis, Sat Aug 20 8:50am
                  (1) You don't read. Oh - you COULD, of course; but don't. You're still confusing "oversight" with an accountancy audit. Oversight would be to thoroughly examine random mortgages, from the application ... more
                • In reverse order ...Lewis, Sat Aug 20 8:29am
                  Frank was NOT of the minority party; at the time of his speech his party was in the majority and he personally was chairman of the House committee charged with oversight. His counterpart in the... more
                  • Re: In reverse order ...Mike, Sat Aug 20 3:54pm
                    Barney was instrumental in helping pass the Anti-Predatory Lending Act (H.R. 3915) to passage in 2007. That was the first year of the Dem takeover. Prior to that, the Repubs were in control. It is... more
                    • Mike -Lewis, Sat Aug 20 9:21pm
                      Until you man up, grow a pair of cajones and have the integrity to admit when you've been hit, I'm through with you. This entire exchange would have never existed had you not shot your mouth off... more
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