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Which liberals are you talking about?
Fri Aug 19, 2011 12:33pm

Where do you get this notion that liberals cannot be fiscally conservative? When defining, you seem to put all the liberals in one box, yet all the conservatives get to belong in many boxes(social, fiscal, neo, libertarian). Also the term RINO was invented (by Rush himself) to be used as a "No True Scotsman" deflection for any Republican blame.

In a nutshell, liberals want a higher standard of living, but that doesn't necessarily mean we aren't willing to pay for it. Our liberalism is fiscally conservative.

Of course any new tax is not welcomed, but I don't think there is any other reasonable choice. Large austerity measures in quick fashion is much more painful for the nation. The ideal situation is cut all unnecessary fat and wasteful spending. There is plenty of waste in the largest departments, like DOD for instance. Cut all foreign welfare. Stop the wars and dismantle all foreign bases. Freeze all government departmental hiring. That still won't be enough so a tax increase should be imposed to make up the difference.

You could impose tariffs and quotas on foreign goods, but it is really wise to that to your biggest creditors? Whose is going to buy your treasuries? That is something that should have been thought of BEFORE it was decided to depend on them for a funding trough.

When they get rid the EPA, I will celebrate by pouring my used motor oil into the nearest creek. It won't hurt much. Companies upstream will dumping tons of toxic waste into it anyway.

Reining in unions is unconstitutional. They have a right to assemble and collectively bargain. Freedom can be a bitch, I know.

  • Well, I know the LIBERALS' solution -Lewis, Fri Aug 19 7:37am
    It's a 6-point plan: (1) Raise taxes (2) Spend (3) Raise taxes (4) Spend (5) Raise taxes (6) Spend "Increase revenue" to balance the budget? That's another Democrat psuedonymn for "raise taxes" -... more
    • Which liberals are you talking about? — Mike, Fri Aug 19 12:33pm
      • If all else fails ... READLewis, Sat Aug 20 8:20am
        Here, "liberal" does not describe or name a political party. I said "liberals", not "Democrats". Of course the (old school Democrats) were fiscally conservative; I was one for 40 years. The Democrat... more
        • Heal thyselfMike, Sat Aug 20 2:50pm
          The point is you broad-brush the "liberal" label. In a POLITICAL discussion about policy, "liberal" and "Democrat" are generally interchangeable. When you use extreme terms like "communism" to... more
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