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Sat Aug 20, 2011 8:10am

No, I'm speaking of pressure applied TO the banks.

The pressure wasn't intended to eliminate regulation - it was applied TO the banks to "encourage" them to right NINJA loans. The pressure traveled downward from Clinton.

Yes, I know liberals deny it. But then there are those who deny that the holocaust happened ...

Like the "flash mobs" now going on in the big cities. Flagrantly racial, but not reported as such; racism is a charge applicable only to white people.

  • It was the other way around. It was the banks that lobbied to strip these regulations. You seem to forget that a good chunk of DC is influenced by corporations. Banks lobbied heavily to Republicans.... more
    • Really? — Lewis, Sat Aug 20 8:10am
      • Again, NO pressure to the banksMike, Sat Aug 20 3:31pm
        Banks are public companies that are loyal to their share holders. The banks LOBBIED to have regulations stripped because THEY wanted to increase their bottom line - nothing more. Read up on how much... more
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