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If all else fails ... READ
Sat Aug 20, 2011 8:20am

Here, "liberal" does not describe or name a political party.

I said "liberals", not "Democrats". Of course the (old school Democrats) were fiscally conservative; I was one for 40 years.

The Democrat Party of my youth and young manhood is dead, and its body eaten from within by communists masquerading as socialists.

Who? Well - to quote Obama's "czar" Van Jones - "From the top down, and bottom up". Obama from the top; and from the bottom up - those fools who mean well but who have been duped as you have.

Now, one more time: Right now the problem is not so much the deficit as it is a serious recession, which is producing rampant unemployment.

You don't strike a match to see into your car's gas tank, you don't piss into the wind, and you don't raise taxes during a recession.

  • Which liberals are you talking about?Mike, Fri Aug 19 12:33pm
    Where do you get this notion that liberals cannot be fiscally conservative? When defining, you seem to put all the liberals in one box, yet all the conservatives get to belong in many boxes(social,... more
    • If all else fails ... READ — Lewis, Sat Aug 20 8:20am
      • Heal thyselfMike, Sat Aug 20 2:50pm
        The point is you broad-brush the "liberal" label. In a POLITICAL discussion about policy, "liberal" and "Democrat" are generally interchangeable. When you use extreme terms like "communism" to... more
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