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It was just a matter of time before that disaster happened
Sat Aug 20, 2011 2:59pm

It located in an active volcanic region with tsunamis being a sure thing.

It's pretty bad.

  • Fukushima radiation alarms doctors matthew, Sat Aug 20 10:29am
    According to Dr Kodama, the total amount of radiation released over a period of more than five months from the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster is the equivalent to more than 29 "Hiroshima-type... more
    • It was just a matter of time before that disaster happened — Mike, Sat Aug 20 2:59pm
      • well the problem is no one matthew, Mon Aug 22 2:57pm
        *thought* of the problem.....earthquake *followed* by a tsunami....they prepared only for a earthquake.....plant shutdown automatically, when started again....tsunami knocked it out again. as i say... more
        • Think of it this way ...Lewis, Mon Aug 22 5:22pm
          Think of the human brain as a high-capacity remote terminal. It's SUPPOSED to be logged into the mainframe (God) - but we've pulled the plug.
          • no its NOT...its grown so bigmatthew, Thu Sep 1 10:08am
            thats its thinking too many things...and destroying the planet while its about it.
            • Have you got that name and ID yet?Lewis, Fri Sep 2 9:10am
              You know - the one who's accumulated so much knowledge that his brain is full, so that growth is necessary? Sorry, Matthew - the human brain is exactly the size of the human brain . . . as created.
              • nope, its a scientific factmatthew, Tue Sep 6 12:37pm
                that humans brains are evolving and increasing in size...from cro-mangon, neanderthals, homo-habilis, homo-sapiens...all getting bigger & BIGGER !
                • Nope.Lewis, Wed Sep 7 11:32am
                  Evolution is over, as far as this world is concerned. In one of the palaces/museums in Istanbul (either Top Kapi or Dolma Bace) is a mannequin on which hangs a suit of armor worn by Richard the Lion... more
                  • oh nope....matthew, Sun Sep 11 10:39am
                    richard the lion heart may be an exception, the brain is still growing......its slightly increased ever millenia by measuring the *average* cranial capacity from hundreds old skulls. in a few... more
                    • And "nope", yet againLewis, Mon Sep 12 9:55am
                      A container would grow only when its storage capacity has been used up. Identify such a person, please. Skulls are growing? Yes indeed - as is the entire human structure. I mentioned that I was the... more
                    • and you have still notmatthew, Sun Sep 11 10:47am
                      explained why it is the "fruit of the tree of the KNOWLEDGE of good & evil".....not simply "the fruit of the tree of good & evil" you see.... the the KNOWLEDGE of anything is stored in the... more
                  • BTW -Lewis, Wed Sep 7 11:39am
                    We were recently treated to a convincing display of your "proven science" with Al Bore's "global warming" boondoggle. The same thing happened (successfully) with the war on tobacco - based on an EPA... more
                    • evolution is well proven andmatthew, Sun Sep 11 10:53am
                      the first account in genesis approximates it well...from fish first, then birds of the air, beasts of the land and finally man last on the sixth day.....NOT "abracadabra and they all appeared in an... more
                  • BTW -Lewis, Wed Sep 7 11:39am
                    We were recently treated to a convincing display of your "proven science" with Al Bore's "global warming" boondoggle. The same thing happened (successfully) with the war on tobacco - based on an EPA... more
        • and here is another one that could happenmatthew, Mon Aug 22 3:02pm
          a large solar flare may very well occur in the next 1-2 years, which will knock out all electrical & electronic what will happen to the 400 nuclear plants around the world ???
          • Why in next 1-2 years?Mike, Mon Aug 22 4:23pm
            Not saying that it can't or won't happen, but how did you arrive at your time frame?
            • there is supposed to be a maximum solarmatthew, Thu Sep 1 10:07am
              activity from 2013-2013 according to x-class flare can destroy almost all electronic equipment on earth like the Carrington flare of the 18th century.
              • We won't have to worry about itLewis, Fri Sep 2 9:12am
                According to the Mayans, we're going to be sucked into a black hole in 2012, the year before.
                • according to nasamatthew, Tue Sep 6 12:44pm
                  there is going to be a 99% probabilty of a big flare in 2012-2013.....will be harmless...except to all electronic & electrical equipment which will be FRIED.....will take years to repair & replace... more
                  • True - BUT ...Lewis, Wed Sep 7 11:47am
                    Being "civilised", I can. I'm by no means skilled at it, but I can indeed "Knap" flint into arrowheads and cutting blades. And build a fire without matches (but you really have to work your arse off... more
    • even though BP denies it: BP issued a quick and emphatic denial Thursday after reports began circulating on the Internet about new leaks in its Macondo well, source of a massive Gulf of Mexico oil... more
      • That, and your post above ...Lewis, Sat Aug 20 1:58pm
        Are both fine examples of why oil wells, oil refineries, nuclear reactors - indeed any critical or dangerous industries - should NOT be located close to the ocean. Japan, of course, has such a small... more
        • well you can *think* of everything can you ?matthew, Mon Aug 22 2:59pm
          perhaps it was best to think of NOTHING and live peacefully in the forest eating your fruits.....?
          • So Lewis ! the end of an era....matthew, Mon Aug 22 3:05pm
            gadhaffi is gone after 42 years ! seems as though part of the scenery will be missing.
              • No -Lewis, Mon Aug 22 5:07pm
                But I really did meet King Idris, his predecessor. He came to Wheelus Air Force Base while I was there one day, off-duty, and in the Bowling Alley. A pot load of officers and photographers came in,... more
                • ah, King might havematthew, Thu Sep 1 10:05am
                  shaken hands with Gadhaffi also, he might have been in the Kings ADC, guard or something.
                  • I doubt it.Lewis, Fri Sep 2 9:16am
                    I shook hands only with the one wormy little black man, and of course the pictures of that were never developed or printed off. But stranger things have happened. The Allies set Idris up at war's end ... more
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