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No -
Mon Aug 22, 2011 5:07pm

But I really did meet King Idris, his predecessor. He came to Wheelus Air Force Base while I was there one day, off-duty, and in the Bowling Alley. A pot load of officers and photographers came in, along with this WORMY looking little black man - who turned out to be King Idris on a publicity/diplomatic mission.

I was "up" at the time, with my ball in my hand - and the king came over to where I was, followed by the photographers. I was introduced, we shook hands, and took the picture (which I never saw) - and he then took my ball and rolled it. Actually, he did NOT roll it; it got away from him on the back swing and rolled wild. He didn't get any pins but got quite a few people standing behind us.

It ain't over yet.

Mussolini took the place from the Libyans, Hitler took it from Mussolini, the Brits took it from Hitler, and gave it to us. When Khaddafi took it from Idris (whom they deservedly hanged) we pulled out and pretty much gave it to the Russians.

The place has long been in possession of one a-hole or another - I expect the saga will continue.

    • No - — Lewis, Mon Aug 22 5:07pm
      • ah, King might havematthew, Thu Sep 1 10:05am
        shaken hands with Gadhaffi also, he might have been in the Kings ADC, guard or something.
        • I doubt it.Lewis, Fri Sep 2 9:16am
          I shook hands only with the one wormy little black man, and of course the pictures of that were never developed or printed off. But stranger things have happened. The Allies set Idris up at war's end ... more
          • errr....i dont think gadhaffimatthew, Tue Sep 6 12:39pm
            is a black man.....he can pass of as italian or spanish.
            • No, but Idris wasLewis, Wed Sep 7 11:42am
              Libya at one time may have been more or less a race - but no longer. Since the fall of the Roman empire, they've been the cesspool of the Med and are of every color.
              • was he not an arab ? (nm)matthew, Sun Sep 11 10:48am
                • Hard to classifyLewis, Mon Sep 12 10:16am
                  Historically, the Arabs were the Edomites - descended from Abraham via Ishmael instead of Israel. Yes, still - here we go with Turkey again: In that same palace as I saw the armor of Richard the Lion ... more
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