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there is supposed to be a maximum solar
Thu Sep 1, 2011 10:07am

activity from 2013-2013 according to x-class flare can destroy almost all electronic equipment on earth like the Carrington flare of the 18th century.

  • Why in next 1-2 years?Mike, Mon Aug 22 4:23pm
    Not saying that it can't or won't happen, but how did you arrive at your time frame?
    • there is supposed to be a maximum solar — matthew, Thu Sep 1 10:07am
      • We won't have to worry about itLewis, Fri Sep 2 9:12am
        According to the Mayans, we're going to be sucked into a black hole in 2012, the year before.
        • according to nasamatthew, Tue Sep 6 12:44pm
          there is going to be a 99% probabilty of a big flare in 2012-2013.....will be harmless...except to all electronic & electrical equipment which will be FRIED.....will take years to repair & replace... more
          • True - BUT ...Lewis, Wed Sep 7 11:47am
            Being "civilised", I can. I'm by no means skilled at it, but I can indeed "Knap" flint into arrowheads and cutting blades. And build a fire without matches (but you really have to work your arse off... more
            • may i presume thatmatthew, Thu Sep 15 1:57pm
              you slew the mentioned "slain animal" without the aid of any weapons or traps ?
              • No, you may not assume thatLewis, Fri Sep 16 12:38am
                However, my forefathers slew some very large buffalo simply by yelling at them and making them run off of cliffs.
                • and i further presumematthew, Wed Sep 21 12:49pm
                  that your forefathers ate the buffalo raw after ripping it apart with their teeth& nails ? u see mister, without ur overgrown brain the invented weapons, fire and devious tricks......u never could... more
                  • Well, no . . . you're wrong there, tooLewis, Sun Oct 2 4:39pm
                    Sea gulls and similar birds use "weapons" - they drop shell fish on the rocks until their shells crack. Elephants knock fruit down out of trees using bamboo canes ... My forefathers probably simply... more
                    • thats for food...usingmatthew, Sun Oct 9 10:17am
                      tools to obtain their *natural food* is normal....birds using sticks to poke worms, otters using stones to break shells etc. thats their natural food. BUT if we see birds using sticks to attach each... more
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