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Wed Sep 7, 2011 11:32am

Evolution is over, as far as this world is concerned.

In one of the palaces/museums in Istanbul (either Top Kapi or Dolma Bace) is a mannequin on which hangs a suit of armor worn by Richard the Lion Hearted - roughly a thousand years ago. We were exactly the same size.

Once again - the original sin wasn't eating the fruit of the tree of KNOWLEDGE; it was eating the fruit of the tree of KNOWLEDGE of GOOD and EVIL.

  • nope, its a scientific factmatthew, Tue Sep 6 12:37pm
    that humans brains are evolving and increasing in size...from cro-mangon, neanderthals, homo-habilis, homo-sapiens...all getting bigger & BIGGER !
    • Nope. — Lewis, Wed Sep 7 11:32am
      • oh nope....matthew, Sun Sep 11 10:39am
        richard the lion heart may be an exception, the brain is still growing......its slightly increased ever millenia by measuring the *average* cranial capacity from hundreds old skulls. in a few... more
        • And "nope", yet againLewis, Mon Sep 12 9:55am
          A container would grow only when its storage capacity has been used up. Identify such a person, please. Skulls are growing? Yes indeed - as is the entire human structure. I mentioned that I was the... more
          • read this linkmatthew, Thu Sep 15 1:52pm
            According to a team of University of Chicago scientists they have found strong evidence that the human brain is still evolving.
            • Ah, yes - noted scientistsLewis, Thu Oct 27 11:06am
              From the Al Bore school of global warming?
              • better than thosematthew, Fri Nov 18 1:05pm
                stating the earth is flat & the center of the universe
                • It's all a matter of credibility -Lewis, Sun Nov 20 2:23pm
                  And the "learned scientists" who participated in the "global warming" scam lost most of the scientific community's credibility. When they're publicly taken to task and rebuked, perhaps the actual... more
                  • global warming is occuring witthout doubtmatthew, Fri Dec 9 12:18pm
                    as you note the weather is becoming more season hotter, cold season colder, seas rising etc
                    • Oh?Lewis, Sat Dec 17 10:07am
                      And if it REALLY gets warmer, it will warm up to be like it was 1,000 years ago - when grape vineyards flourished in Britain,wheat fields covered Greenland, and there were neither polar ice caps nor... more
          • who said the capacity is used up ?matthew, Thu Sep 15 1:41pm
            the brain is a processor basically....the larger it is the more it can process aka "think".....which is why its thinking more & more advanced ideas as the years go by....stone tools, bronze, iron,... more
            • CongratulationsLewis, Fri Sep 16 12:44am
              You finally got off your ridiculous position that the human head is growing BECAUSE of the amount of knowledge we acquire.
              • oh, knowledge is not passively storedmatthew, Sun Sep 25 1:22pm
                as in a hard-disk, the knowledge is processed and converted into thoughts (most often destructive) in the brain.
                • Obviously untrue -Lewis, Mon Sep 26 7:42pm
                  If that was true, you could think about facts but one time - and then they'd be erased from memory.
                  • no, u misunderstoodmatthew, Sun Oct 9 10:10am
                    the brain both stores & processes. thus it gets more & more half-baked knowledge and process that into weird half-baked logic....resulting in various destructive stuff occuring like crime, violence,... more
              • And in addition -Lewis, Fri Sep 16 12:46am
                Yes, the human race is growing. I mentioned that I'm basically the same size as Richard the Lion Hearted - but he was considered a large man, and I'm smaller than average. It makes no difference -... more
        • and you have still notmatthew, Sun Sep 11 10:47am
          explained why it is the "fruit of the tree of the KNOWLEDGE of good & evil".....not simply "the fruit of the tree of good & evil" you see.... the the KNOWLEDGE of anything is stored in the... more
          • But you see -Lewis, Mon Sep 12 10:02am
            As I've laid out many times before - your premises are incorrect. When a horse (or any of its cousins) is first born, it (like a human) appears to be ALL head - far out of proportion to its size.... more
            • actually, in all animalsmatthew, Thu Sep 15 1:38pm
              except humans, the head is delivered easily. there is actually a scientifically established discrepancy in size between the head & pelvic fossa in ONLY humans, which is there is birth complications... more
              • Well, Matthew . . .Lewis, Fri Sep 16 12:35am
                You can call the Author a "nutcase" - but I'm not quite that bold. Or blasphemous. He's a whole LOT stronger than I am ...
                • not me.....u only imply thatmatthew, Wed Sep 21 12:46pm
                  the word "knowledge" is inserted just for fun. and btw, the author is a man (transcribed according to you)....i don't think god wrote it down with his own hands using a parker pen ? if it is of god... more
                  • You have the "science" thing wrongLewis, Thu Sep 22 10:07am
                    Science is indeed made by God, and is perfect. Man's understanding of it is NOT perfect.
                    • according tomatthew, Thu Sep 29 11:04am
                      the laws of nature/science, man was a fruit-eating forest dweller aka "adam & eve in eden". now why they suddenly leave the trees & start a "civilization"....thats abnormal, a violation of... more
                  • Nope.Lewis, Thu Sep 22 10:01am
                    The word "knowledge" is there because He wanted it there. The "book" was given directly to Adam, by God - then passed down (by rote) from parent to child - in absolutely word-perfect memory. Much as... more
      • BTW -Lewis, Wed Sep 7 11:39am
        We were recently treated to a convincing display of your "proven science" with Al Bore's "global warming" boondoggle. The same thing happened (successfully) with the war on tobacco - based on an EPA... more
        • evolution is well proven andmatthew, Sun Sep 11 10:53am
          the first account in genesis approximates it well...from fish first, then birds of the air, beasts of the land and finally man last on the sixth day.....NOT "abracadabra and they all appeared in an... more
          • Well proven to YOUR satisfaction -Lewis, Mon Sep 12 10:07am
            . . . but not to those who actually READ the scripture and think rationally. Nobody said anything about "abacadabra" or instantaneous creation. Evolution is a tool used by the Creator (who also... more
            • i thought you only said thatmatthew, Thu Sep 15 1:46pm
              evolution was against creation ? yeah, its very clever predates darwin by 7000 years and also shows that humans are abnormal (overgrown brain) which no one (including darwin) has... more
              • I'm afraid you misunderstoodLewis, Fri Sep 16 12:31am
                I've always maintained that evolution was the tool USED by the creator - a tool that He also created. With one exception: Adam (and from him, Eve) resulted from direct, individual creation - which is ... more
                • same thing mister, same thingmatthew, Thu Sep 29 11:12am
                  man & woman (1st chapter) and adam & eve (2nd chapter) ar the same....written (transcribed) by two different individuals which is why the diffrence in stories.
                  • No, they're notLewis, Sun Oct 2 4:34pm
                    Which is why they're recorded in two separate chapters. The entire book up through Moses was transcribed by the same person . . . Moses.
                    • outdated theoriesmatthew, Fri Oct 14 1:16pm
                      "Tradition credits Moses as the author of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, but the books are in fact anonymous and look back on Moses as a figure from the distant past;[3] some... more
            • . . . then the next time you're in this country, be sure to visit Las Vegas. With your obvious belief in "accidents" and "luck", they'll be very glad to see you.
      • BTW -Lewis, Wed Sep 7 11:39am
        We were recently treated to a convincing display of your "proven science" with Al Bore's "global warming" boondoggle. The same thing happened (successfully) with the war on tobacco - based on an EPA... more
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