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now if this is not
Fri Sep 9, 2011 12:44am

global warming, then what is ?

Weather experts: U.S. summer hottest in past 75 years

    • What is it? The normal solar cycle ...Lewis, Fri Sep 9 9:26am
      . . . and we are probably returning to "normal". 75 years? Then it was even hotter 75 years ago - before the SUV was invented. Neither have any of Al Bore's disciples addressed the period of more... more
      • its starting mister, its starting..... (nm)matthew, Sun Sep 11 10:49am
        • Starting? No . . .Lewis, Mon Sep 12 9:51am
          It started when this universe was called into existence, and will not end until this universe disappears.
          • universe may not dissapearmatthew, Thu Sep 15 1:43pm
            but humans will i suppose.
            • Very possiblyLewis, Fri Sep 16 12:25am
              And then start all over again. I doubt very much that this is the first creation on this planet.
              • i doubt itmatthew, Wed Sep 21 12:41pm
                because the sun is already 5 billion years old, took life 4 billion years to evolve...sun may last another 5 billion years maximum before it burns out. dont think a second evolution may occur. "i am... more
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