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Lewis, whats your opinon on the Troy Davis case ? (nm)
Sun Sep 25, 2011 1:19pm

    • I have noneLewis, Mon Sep 26 7:33pm
      I have insufficient information to form an opinion. However, with all of the hoopla pro/con, it would appear that there's a whole lot more than mere "reasonable" doubt.
      • ell with the way the police, lawyers & judgesmatthew, Thu Sep 29 11:14am
        are highly incompetent, DNA shows that about big % are wrong convictions.
        • Yes, that's becoming more evidentLewis, Sun Oct 2 4:12pm
          A few more such cases and the death penalty will be given the death penalty.
        • btw, u read about the CERN neutrinosmatthew, Thu Sep 29 11:18am
          that are faster than light....seems that einstein's theory is having problems. thus there is another theory beyond einstein, and another and another...... any use for "knowledge" ? you can never... more
          • Warp speed, here we comeLewis, Sun Oct 2 4:07pm
            I'm not the one honking the horns about our great knowledge. More and more we find that we really know less and less - and the most we'll ever know about are a few of the tools in the Creator's tool... more
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