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True, BUT -
Sun Nov 20, 2011 2:15pm

No, it isn't actually democracy; it's the antithesis of any form of responsible government.

Unfortunately, with politics and the news media totally in the bag of the "progressive" liberals, that's what out government has come down to.

The same "peace loving" people who protested the violence of war, during Viet Nam - by stealing cars, setting them ablaze, and pushing them out onto the busy expressways - are no leading the charge against our constitution.

Not the same ideology; the exact same individual people - only now they're White House "advisors".

  • ah dont think that sitting around amatthew, Sat Nov 5 10:18am
    fire and the group yelling loudest makes a modern democracy ! anyway, thats a very small the greek city state athens. its not a large scale democracy.
    • True, BUT - — Lewis, Sun Nov 20 2:15pm
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