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Ever see the movie , , ,
Sat Dec 17, 2011 9:53am

. . . "Independence Day"?

Maybe this is a case of the old saying "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts" (or gifts bearing Greeks).

  • ach lewis, so the ayatollahs have finallymatthew, Tue Dec 13 1:23pm
    caught a bird of the "great satan" !
    • Neo-cons are calling this an act of war.Mike, Sun Dec 18 9:26pm
      And calling for attack on Iran. Bunch of war mongering buffoons they are. They just barely gone through a 10-year rampage that resulted in creating rich ally for Iran. They have no money, and they... more
      • Fine by me Mike, Nuke Iran, and the rest of the arab states.
      • seems that an attack on iran is quite closematthew, Thu Dec 22 2:19pm
        Top U.S. Army general issues stern warning on Iranů as Defence chief says they could have nukes within a year... more
        • YesMike, Thu Dec 22 9:00pm
          And then when oil price skyrockets to $200+ per barrel, you'll hear all that whining about the price of oil. The US should just back away from the M.E. entirely and let Israel decide for themselves... more
          • If all else fails - get the facts straightLewis, Fri Jan 6 2:16pm
            Israel isn't just a country, or a race - it's both, and then some. And about half of her actual population lives in the United States. We have enough oil here in the United States to supply all of... more
            • As far as Israel is concerned you're not telling me something I don't already know. Israel's military is the most efficient military in the world. The US has the most powerful military but it is... more
          • you sound like ron paul ! (nm)matthew, Thu Jan 5 12:04pm
            • Americans were warned by their brilliant founders themselves about entangling alliances. Obviously they didn't heed their warnings and have instead fallen into the trap that they cannot easily... more
              • You both live in Utopian Never-never Land, where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans keep us safe from foreign depredations. And, of course, if we're ever invaded the invaders will come in thee-masted... more
                • No, you live in never-never land. Mike, Tue Jan 17 2:06am
                  Through wars and proxies you think you can change the landscape and culture of societies that are thousands of years old. And throughout that, make yourself safe from any blow back. Another pipe... more
                  • "Decades long"?Lewis, Tue Jan 17 6:02am
                    Try again. The war we're in now was declared on us more than a millenium ago. We're drawing the fire because we're the most modern and prominent - and therefore, the most evil and decadent.
      • Document that, please.Lewis, Tue Dec 20 12:15pm
        We're bent, because one of our invasive drones was downed? Nobody in his right mind would think that. The only people who accuse Iran of an act of war are those pimple heads who project what they... more
        • happy new year (nm)matthew, Thu Jan 5 12:09pm
        • Because the drone looks to be in very good condition, the scuttlebutt is that the Iranians took control of the guidance system and directed it to land (not crash) in Iran. That is the act they are... more
          • Try aiming when you shootLewis, Fri Jan 6 2:23pm
            Conservatives have never blamed Carter for the crash of the rescue helicopters. Wheat we've rightly blamed him for is quitting on one limber-dick failed try. Of course Iran sees our drone as an act... more
            • What acts of war has Iran committed?Mike, Sat Jan 14 4:32am
              The lack of any military action on Iran to date suggests that even the trigger-happy neocon commanders have nothing on them.
              • No picture need be drawn. This is not a trial court, and "common knowledge" carries a bit of weight.
                • That Saddam was about to imminently attack the US with his alleged nukes and other WMD...that kind of "common knowledge"? Crying wolf won't help much any more. It's a credibility problem now, that is ... more
                  • That particular "common knowledge" -Lewis, Wed Jan 18 9:03am
                    ... was common to all of the intelligence services of the world . . . including your own. Which is why the UN issue so many impotent resolutions in an attempt to make Hussein give up his WMD - which, ... more
                    • Tell it to BushMike, Thu Jan 19 11:01pm
                      He admits that WMD were not found in the OIF war. Our intelligence services(along with others) did confirmed that he had WMD in the 90s, and were satisfied that they have been destroyed by 1998.... more
            • My aim is goodMike, Fri Jan 13 10:16pm
              Yours is way off though. At least Carter tried a rescue attempt without conditions. That was no "limber-dick" move. A limber-dick move is Reagan negotiating with hostage-takers in Iran by selling... more
    • Ever see the movie , , , — Lewis, Sat Dec 17 9:53am
      • you mean the drone is a trojan horse ? i think either the russians or chinese helped the iranians to overide and take over control and land it succesfully.
        • How bad can it be?Mike, Fri Dec 23 5:16pm
          Along with potentially having the knowledge to take over the guidance system, a bigger problem would be if Iran was able to unscramble and capture the streaming data from it in flight. This drone was ... more
          • As you clearly don't have a clue -Lewis, Mon Jan 16 5:50pm
            There is no (repeat, no) data aboard to be copied/decrypted, and no super-collossal secrets to be gathered. ET didn't have to call home; he was in constant contact, and any recording was done there.... more
            • I said "streaming data"Mike, Tue Jan 17 2:11am
              Which is how it is normally captured.
              • And we expected literacy from Mike?Lewis, Tue Jan 17 5:58am
                When the drone is down, it's dead - and the data ain't streaming. Go ahead, Mike, tell me all about capturing data. Then do a Google on "USAFSS" and follow the yellow brick road. The clandestine... more
                • How it was brought down leaves a lot of open questions. If it could have been controlled while in flight then it's not a stretch to assume that the streaming data has been captured. The real question ... more
                  • And may yet to prove to be a "Trojan Horse"Lewis, Wed Jan 18 9:18am
                    Now, Mike - try to comprehend: In the world of drone intelligence, "streaming data" isn't recorded ANYWHERE except here in the States. It's effectively a pipeline; it's transmitted/relayed at the... more
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