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Since when did it have to be a good excuse anyway?
Wed Dec 21, 2011 12:55am

Because the drone looks to be in very good condition, the scuttlebutt is that the Iranians took control of the guidance system and directed it to land (not crash) in Iran. That is the act they are referring to as act of war. Get a chalkboard will ya!

They're blaming Obama for it, just like they(YOU) blamed Carter for the crashing of the helicopters on route to rescue the hostages in that failed mission.

I might be wrong but I thought "bedrock conservatives" were not interventionists, were for smaller government, and were fiscal. Unless you changed recently, you are far from it.

Definitions of ANYTHING to do with an act of war changes to suit the aggressor's interest. It doesn't matter how phony (see Iraq), how illogical (see Iraq), and how unjustified (see Iraq) that act is. As for being at war with Iran, there is no question that for all intents and purposes you ARE already at war with them. They will be attacked first, yet again - guaranteed. So, one bullshit reason is just as good as any other.

  • Document that, please.Lewis, Tue Dec 20 12:15pm
    We're bent, because one of our invasive drones was downed? Nobody in his right mind would think that. The only people who accuse Iran of an act of war are those pimple heads who project what they... more
    • Since when did it have to be a good excuse anyway? — Mike, Wed Dec 21 12:55am
      • Try aiming when you shootLewis, Fri Jan 6 2:23pm
        Conservatives have never blamed Carter for the crash of the rescue helicopters. Wheat we've rightly blamed him for is quitting on one limber-dick failed try. Of course Iran sees our drone as an act... more
        • What acts of war has Iran committed?Mike, Sat Jan 14 4:32am
          The lack of any military action on Iran to date suggests that even the trigger-happy neocon commanders have nothing on them.
          • No picture need be drawn. This is not a trial court, and "common knowledge" carries a bit of weight.
            • That Saddam was about to imminently attack the US with his alleged nukes and other WMD...that kind of "common knowledge"? Crying wolf won't help much any more. It's a credibility problem now, that is ... more
              • That particular "common knowledge" -Lewis, Wed Jan 18 9:03am
                ... was common to all of the intelligence services of the world . . . including your own. Which is why the UN issue so many impotent resolutions in an attempt to make Hussein give up his WMD - which, ... more
                • Tell it to BushMike, Thu Jan 19 11:01pm
                  He admits that WMD were not found in the OIF war. Our intelligence services(along with others) did confirmed that he had WMD in the 90s, and were satisfied that they have been destroyed by 1998.... more
                  • BAMC, here in San Antonio, has long been treating Gulf War I vets for an unidentified "something" - quite possibly chemical weapons. Bush went along with the prevailing media to keep peace in the... more
        • My aim is goodMike, Fri Jan 13 10:16pm
          Yours is way off though. At least Carter tried a rescue attempt without conditions. That was no "limber-dick" move. A limber-dick move is Reagan negotiating with hostage-takers in Iran by selling... more
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