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How bad can it be?
Fri Dec 23, 2011 5:16pm

Along with potentially having the knowledge to take over the guidance system, a bigger problem would be if Iran was able to unscramble and capture the streaming data from it in flight. This drone was recently used extensively all over the ME, Afghanistan, and Pakistan and possibly others.

  • you mean the drone is a trojan horse ? i think either the russians or chinese helped the iranians to overide and take over control and land it succesfully.
    • How bad can it be? — Mike, Fri Dec 23 5:16pm
      • As you clearly don't have a clue -Lewis, Mon Jan 16 5:50pm
        There is no (repeat, no) data aboard to be copied/decrypted, and no super-collossal secrets to be gathered. ET didn't have to call home; he was in constant contact, and any recording was done there.... more
        • I said "streaming data"Mike, Tue Jan 17 2:11am
          Which is how it is normally captured.
          • And we expected literacy from Mike?Lewis, Tue Jan 17 5:58am
            When the drone is down, it's dead - and the data ain't streaming. Go ahead, Mike, tell me all about capturing data. Then do a Google on "USAFSS" and follow the yellow brick road. The clandestine... more
            • How it was brought down leaves a lot of open questions. If it could have been controlled while in flight then it's not a stretch to assume that the streaming data has been captured. The real question ... more
              • And may yet to prove to be a "Trojan Horse"Lewis, Wed Jan 18 9:18am
                Now, Mike - try to comprehend: In the world of drone intelligence, "streaming data" isn't recorded ANYWHERE except here in the States. It's effectively a pipeline; it's transmitted/relayed at the... more
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