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seems they are threating the aircraft carriers now (nm)
Thu Jan 5, 2012 12:03pm

  • Say this isn't so. I can't help but wonder if Iran hasn't had a hand in this considering Nuri Kamal al-Maliki is in bed with them. Further proof that this was a colossal waste of blood and treasure.... more
    • seems they are threating the aircraft carriers now (nm) — matthew, Thu Jan 5 12:03pm
      • They are full of threatsMike, Fri Jan 13 4:42pm
        They won't touch them. They won't close the Straight, but they can choke it because half of it is in Iranian territorial waters.
      • And, we thank them very muchLewis, Fri Jan 6 2:10pm
        Now and then, we need a good laugh.
        • They can retaliate. Their newest missile (the Ghader) can easily sink them.
          • unlless they have russian supersonicmatthew, Wed Jan 25 12:28pm
            anti-ship missiles like the yakhont or sunburn, i dont think iranian missiles are very capable. but they do have thousands of mines which will be far more formidable than any missiles in blocking... more
            • No worries.Lewis, Mon Jan 30 11:24am
              We were always more than a match for Russian weaponry, and I expect that we still are. I have great faith in our "back room crew" regarding weaponry - and what you see announced as the latest and... more
          • Of course notLewis, Mon Jan 16 5:40pm
            But they may attack, or threaten to attack, unarmed commercial shipping. Shortly thereafter their fleet and shore armaments will cease to be a problem.
            • yesMike, Tue Jan 17 1:07am
      • happy new year ! (nm)matthew, Thu Jan 5 12:04pm
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