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I totally agree with Ron Paul's foreign policy idealogy
Fri Jan 13, 2012 7:12pm

Americans were warned by their brilliant founders themselves about entangling alliances. Obviously they didn't heed their warnings and have instead fallen into the trap that they cannot easily extricate themselves from.

  • you sound like ron paul ! (nm)matthew, Thu Jan 5 12:04pm
    • I totally agree with Ron Paul's foreign policy idealogy — Mike, Fri Jan 13 7:12pm
      • You both live in Utopian Never-never Land, where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans keep us safe from foreign depredations. And, of course, if we're ever invaded the invaders will come in thee-masted... more
        • No, you live in never-never land. Mike, Tue Jan 17 2:06am
          Through wars and proxies you think you can change the landscape and culture of societies that are thousands of years old. And throughout that, make yourself safe from any blow back. Another pipe... more
          • "Decades long"?Lewis, Tue Jan 17 6:02am
            Try again. The war we're in now was declared on us more than a millenium ago. We're drawing the fire because we're the most modern and prominent - and therefore, the most evil and decadent.
            • You have worked alongside these "enemies". They were given arms and logistical support. That's a peculiar way of treating your enemies. Now you're saying that you're drawing fire because you're the... more
              • So how did I draw that conclusion?Lewis, Wed Jan 18 9:21am
                I didn't. Their mullahs have so stated time and again.
                • Sounds like a dog whistleMike, Thu Jan 19 10:41pm
                  Who are the "mullahs"? Surely you cannot be thinking about targeting over one billion Muslims, millions of whom are American citizens. So, how do you identify your targets?
                  • "Who are the mullahs?"Lewis, Fri Jan 20 12:34pm
                    If you don't know that you don't know enough to even be in this conversation. Instead of continuing to shoot your mouth off and betray your ignorance, look it up and get a bit of familiarity with the ... more
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