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As you clearly don't have a clue -
Mon Jan 16, 2012 5:50pm

There is no (repeat, no) data aboard to be copied/decrypted, and no super-collossal secrets to be gathered. ET didn't have to call home; he was in constant contact, and any recording was done there.

The Iranians just may jack around and harvest a virus that will play hell with their entire system - as has been done at least once before, according to the Lame-Stream media reports of software damage to their nuke program.

  • How bad can it be?Mike, Fri Dec 23 5:16pm
    Along with potentially having the knowledge to take over the guidance system, a bigger problem would be if Iran was able to unscramble and capture the streaming data from it in flight. This drone was ... more
    • As you clearly don't have a clue - — Lewis, Mon Jan 16 5:50pm
      • I said "streaming data"Mike, Tue Jan 17 2:11am
        Which is how it is normally captured.
        • And we expected literacy from Mike?Lewis, Tue Jan 17 5:58am
          When the drone is down, it's dead - and the data ain't streaming. Go ahead, Mike, tell me all about capturing data. Then do a Google on "USAFSS" and follow the yellow brick road. The clandestine... more
          • How it was brought down leaves a lot of open questions. If it could have been controlled while in flight then it's not a stretch to assume that the streaming data has been captured. The real question ... more
            • And may yet to prove to be a "Trojan Horse"Lewis, Wed Jan 18 9:18am
              Now, Mike - try to comprehend: In the world of drone intelligence, "streaming data" isn't recorded ANYWHERE except here in the States. It's effectively a pipeline; it's transmitted/relayed at the... more
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