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i suggest ron paul....
Wed Jan 25, 2012 12:34pm

anti-death penalty, about ur age, loves gold....quite a bit of similarity to you.

and a doctor for a change instead of the usual lawyers/actors and other hot-air gas-bags.

of course gingrich has been fooling a lot of people recently with his "god has forgiven me" type of talk....

    • i suggest ron paul.... — matthew, Wed Jan 25 12:34pm
      • He's lived too long on Planet ZorkLewis, Thu Jan 26 8:48am
        Even my dog knows more about effective foreign policy than does Paul. My pick would be Santorum, but he has the famous two chances: Slim, and none.
        • santorum is second bestmatthew, Sat Feb 11 9:49am
          and his chances have improved dramatically after the 3 wins. how i grade their iq is by their support of the death penalty. paul has become anti-deth penalty after hearing about the DNA exonerations... more
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