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her slippers
Thu Dec 27, 2007 8:59pm (XFF:

I have had a shoe fetish for as long as I can remember, in fact my very first memories are sniffing the shoes of my friends mothers. I have so many stories to tell, and I will in time but I will start with a situation I found myself in only a few months ago.

I am now 23 and I grew up with a good friend who had a sister some 2 yrs younger than us. Her name was Kelly and she was an absolute hotty! All the boys wanted to get with her including myself. One of my favourite points abuot her was that she had a love for classy shoes, be it heels, pumps, trainers or slippers. she always managed to make every pair look hot!!

anyway years later, she now has a man and a young daughter. I am very good friends with her man so I am often visiting with them.
So this one evening she is at work and I am at their house with her man Clark, playing PS3, when he jumps up quickly telling me to keep playing he is just going to the daycare to pic up their daughter, and immediately I got hard knowing what I'm about to do.
as soon as I hear his car take off down the driveway I head for their bedroom, where I can see out to the driveway from their room. she has around 30 pairs of shoes, heels, knee high boots and trainers yet a lot of them don't get worn much so they still smell brand new. I look around the room and hit paydirt! A pair of fluffy slippers she wears all the time shes home, even straight after work so I know they will have a great scent. I unzipped my jeans and started stroking myself, then raised the right slipper to my nose and wow the scent was strong, because she takes her work heels of and puts her wonderfully sweaty feet straight into these glorious slippers. oh my god they smelt amazingly strong. I could feel myself convulsing, I poked out my tounge and gave a great lick to the inner sole then quickly raised the other to my nose and took another deep inhale. oh what heaven it smelt so thick of odour! Just as I was about to explode in one of the slippers (which I had never done before that day) I heard and saw HER car pull into the driveway, but I was so deeply involved there was no turning back. I just let go the biggest load I ever recalled, into her slipper. I felt like I was pumping for a good 30 seconds when I heard her drivers door close and she set her alarm whilst walking for the front door. I had now calmed down and was pinicking so much, so I quickly wiped the slipper with my shirt, threw them on the floor, ran out of her room and just as I got through the bedroom door and into the hallway I heard her key fiddling in the front door lock. I kept running for the living area and just got to the PS3 when she opened the door and saw me. 'oh, hello Rick' she said once she saw me. 'hey' I mamaged to get out in between puffing. that was close!

She dissappeared into her room for 5 minutes when she emeged wearing her slippers. There is no way she couldn't feel moisture in there after the amount of seed I left in those slippers. wow that turned me on more!!!

I hope you enjoyed my story. I have more about her and more of others, so leave a reply if you want more

    • I love to ... ballet slippersslipperluver, Tue Jan 9 12:58pm
      Hi all, I have bought a few pairs of used mule slippers and ballet shoes off ebay expressly for the purpose of giving them a good seeing to. I would have messed them up really badly but put a nylon... more
    • Re: her slippersAnonymous, Thu Aug 25 9:49pm
      i want to hear more if i was in her house after puting my dick in her slippers and cuming in them there would be no slippers by the time i finish with them
    • My Gooey FootwearFuzzy Slippers, Mon Jan 10 10:37pm
      Would really like to find out a Man has put his Cock inside my Fluffy Soft Slippers and injected His seed Deep inside them. I have Sexy Flats, Minnetonka Suede Moccaisins, Flip-Flops, Lots of Sexy... more
      • Re: My Gooey FootwearAnonymous, Sun Apr 28 6:50am
        • Re: My Gooey FootwearAnonymous, Sun Apr 28 7:02am
          there's some slipper mules or full fur slipper.... I like to rub my balls until my cock runs then I would stroke my cock up and down.... then use a nice fur slipper for my cock to go in I would start ... more
          • Slippers 4 MeMackSlippers, Tue Jul 8 11:31am
            Hi, folks! I just found this great website! I have enjoyed women's slippers fir many years... started both fur slippers and leather slippers in my teen years. I too slide my cock into the slipper(s)... more
      • cum in slippers dan, Tue Dec 20 4:32pm
        hi there i will do your slippers big time there will be no slippers left when i am done call or send me a email i can meet up any where 07517267301
      • Re: My Gooey FootwearAlex, Wed May 4 2:08am
        Send me an e-mail we can work something out if you wanna experiance the goo.
    • Re: her slippersFuzzy Slippers, Sun Dec 26 12:50pm
      WOW!! I found your story fascinating. I've had CUM in my Slippers many times. I Love to wear Pantyhose and Soft-Sole Fuzzy/Fluffy Animal type Backless Slippers. Their Warm,Soft,Silky,and Tight.I... more
      • CUM in My Kitty SlippersFuzzy Slippers, Sun Dec 26 12:54pm
        Very Relaxing,Harmless,Adult Fun In My Soft Fuzzy Kitty Slippers. I have several New & Extra Pairs to TRY.
    • Re: her slippersDave hindley, Sat Sep 11 12:21am
      Got respect for you mate could just imagine her coming home and finding you with your wang in her slipper sniffing away at the other one haha top guy. Wat colour where they?
    • Re: her slippersDave hindley, Sat Sep 11 12:18am
      Got respect for you mate could just imagine her coming home and finding you with your wang in her slipper sniffing away haha top guy.
    • moreshoesoaker, Thu Apr 8 3:12pm
      send me more stories please
    • nice stories Steve, Fri Jun 5 11:26pm
      I wouldn't of wiped them.. can you send more stories to my e mail
      • My Soft Fluffy Slippers Snuggle a Cock & take Cum.Fuzzy Slippers, Mon Jan 10 10:40pm
        Interested in talking??? My Footwear awaits you....
        • Are you available to talk?? Would love to chat!
          • Chat, Meet, Share leather slippers OR?MacSlipperJock, Sat Dec 28 4:49pm
            Fine classic slippers or even trashed slippers... Let's connect... email, OR???? Glad to chat, cum, or share slippers Fine shoes also... dress and trashed boots aa well!! Mac Email:... more
          • SlipperMacSlipperJock, Mon Dec 23 9:07pm
            Great to find this group to share our slipper fetish!! I have 50-plus leather slippers... new, used, trashed, cum-stained "in and out"... most sz 13, some 12... other smaller size to enjoy on others... more
          • My Soft Fluffy Bunny SlippersFuzzy Slippers, Fri Aug 2 10:31pm
            Sorry Boys, been offline awhile. I would love to chat with anyone who finds my Soft-sole Fluffy Bunny Slippers dangling of my Pantyhosed Feet Arousing. I'd love a Man to slide himself between my... more
            • slipper cumAnonymous, Thu Apr 9 8:56am
              Message me for some fun ;-) I have a major slipper fetish I'd love to explore with youb
          • My Fluffy Bunny SlippersFuzzy Slippers, Thu Jun 13 12:14pm
            I'd love to talk about my Pantyhosed Feet and/or my Soft Fluffy Bunny Slippers getting filled with Cum.
          • Let's talkslipperman, Tue Feb 28 5:05pm
            Hello, yes I am available to talk, email me.
        • please tell me about all your slippers and everything u do in them....i love to hear about women destroying their slippers
          • I can tell uThe guy, Sat Oct 12 2:37am
            Jst contact me here " " and i wil tel u very , i'l even send u pictures
          • My Soft Fluffy Bunny SlippersFuzzy Slippers, Sun Aug 11 9:26pm
            I don't destroy my Bunny Slippers. Men destroy me in the ass and stretch my Bunny Slippers out with my Stockinged Feet still in them. I like when a Man shoots his load deep inside my Bunny Slippers... more
            • Re: My Soft Fluffy Bunny SlippersRichie, Mon Aug 12 3:24am
              I would love to cum deep inside your slippers. I love to cum in slippers, especially if they are well worn, dirty and stinky! A nice cheesy smell inside the toe parts is always great to get me off
        • Re: My Soft Fluffy Slippers Snuggle a Cock & take Cum.lust_for_shoes, Tue Jan 18 7:34pm
          Id love to talk to you! email or public? Tell me about your flats? Do you have a job that makes your feet sweat?
      • Re: nice stories lust_for_shoes, Tue Jun 30 6:21am
        what is your email?
        • Re: nice stories shay, Thu Jul 2 2:12pm
          love the stories...BUT HOW DO I GET TO SEE PHOTOS???
          • shayShay, Sun Jul 5 2:59pm
            hey der. my email addres is Please email me..iv got a couple of candid stots of sexy legs dat id love to share..
          • Re: nice stories lust for shoes, Sat Jul 4 5:53am
            you cant but if you have pics and stories, we can exchange via email
      • Re: nice stories Anonymous, Tue Jun 30 6:02am
        what is your email?
    • Re: her slippersshoeplay lover, Sun Jan 13 5:12pm
      great story would love to hear more
      • her heelslust_for_shoes, Mon Jan 14 9:19pm
        Glad you liked the last story, my next one is a good one too, all true stories by the way. Kelly and Clark invited my girlfriend and I, aswell as a few other couples over for a barbeque, which we... more
        • Re: her heelsshoeplay lover, Tue Jan 15 6:40pm
          can really relate to your stories would love to hear more thanks.
          • Re: her heelslust_for_shoes, Wed Jan 16 6:43pm
            gladly, I'd love to hear more of your stories too. the cinema story has to be the greatest experience I've ever heard of or could ever imagine. please tell more
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