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More of moms shoes
Sat Apr 3, 2010 5:48am

Well my 2nd experience with my moms shoes is also one of my fave. It starts the same night as my first encounter with her shoes. It was getting late on a friday night i had just jacked off in her shoe for the first time about 2 hours before she got home. As soon as she came i eye her sexy feet wearing my other fav pair of shoes that she owns they are a 3 inch black heel that has a whole lot of wear on them. I just knew that they had to be next. I lucked up she kicked them off at the door me and her chated about a few things then she went off to bed. I waited about 10 min to make sure she was good and asleep. Once i knew she was out i rushed to the door and quickly picked up the sweet smelling pumps. I jerked my penis out and started rubbing it in the shoe her sweat lubbed my shaft and the shoe i stroked the pump on my penis for what seemed like forever. Then i placed my penis in the other pump and started stroking it on my penis. Soon the excitment got to me and i filled the right pump full of my cum. I will mever forget how that black pump looked filled with cum. After i was done with the shoe i placed them back at the door full of cum just waiting for my mom to slip her sexy feet back in them. Which she did about 2 days later and to me she acted like she never noticed the cum in the shoe.

    • Re: More of moms shoesinshershe, Mon Apr 5 10:36am
      i'm your big fans ......thank you so much for your share ....keep going...
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