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Sat Apr 3, 2010 6:00am

My least fav storie about my mom shoes is the time she caught me in the act. I had played with her shoes for about 3 years before this ever happened. It all started when i assumed she had left the house to go out and meet some friends on saturday night. As soon as she pulled out of the drive i rushed to her shoes there i grabbed my fav red sequin pumps a pair of black flats a pair of light blue heels and a pair of red flats. I quickly took the shoes to my room where i wasted no time. I lined out the shoes side by side and pulled out my penis and started rubbing it on and in every shoe. This time i decided to get a little freaky i put her red sequin heels on my feet and jacked into one of the red flats. I was almost at the point of cumming when my door flew open and there stood my mom. I was so immersed because she walked in as i unloaded in her shoes. She never said a word ahe jsut walked out and shut my door. Later on that night me and her sat down to talk and i explained my fetish to her and she was very cool with it infact she gave me a bunch of her old shoes to play with and to this day she still brings me a pair of shoes every now and then.

    • Re: CaughtAnonymous, Tue Jul 12 2:19pm
      Damn that is a sexy story. Has any one been caught by their sister, or any girls been caught using mums, sisters or friends shoes? Please tell and cum on girls, give us your stories.
    • Re momJ, Sat Apr 17 2:56pm
      Yeah my mom is great she really understands me and my fetish.
      • Re: Re momAnonymous, Sat May 8 11:11am
        I'm getting hard when reading your gorgerous story....Just keep posting
    • Re: Caughtinsertshe, Fri Apr 16 9:29am
      Dude i like your exciting story very much have a good mom ...awesome !!!!
    • Re: CaughtAnonymous, Sun Apr 4 2:00am
      that is just way kool! wow lucky you i used to suck my moms toes. But never came in shoes. So lucky you absolutely great story!....
      • re caughtJ, Sun Apr 4 2:36am
        It was kool getting to cum in alot of her shoe. But i have always dreamed of playing with her feet. I have a played them a bit when she was dead asleep but not to much cause i didnt want to wake her... more
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