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Shoe cum
Forced to cum
Fri Apr 16, 2010 11:35am

Recently i have had a shoe experience of a life time my long time girl friend (Between us olny reasion i started dating her is beacues of her shoes)Caught me wearing her and playing with hers shoes. I thought she was gone for the day so i snuck into her closet and put on a pair of her red flats and puled my penis out and started rubbing them in a pair of her pink heels. I was getting into it having a good time when the bedroom door opened they she stood unable to say a word. We staired at eachother for what seemed like forever. Then finaly she said ok you want to play with shoes let do it but we are siong to play my way. She instructed me to get into her bed where she tied my arms to the head board and my leg to the foot board. The she started playing with my feet that were still in her shoes. Then she started playing with my cock. Then she said lets have some fun. She her feet that were wearing black flats up and down my cock. I was so truned on i wanted to cum right then but i didnt. She could tell i wanted to let loose so she said im going to help you cum. She went back to my feet and took the righ shoe off my foot and placed it on my penis she pumped it up and down a few times on my hard shaft until i exploded in the shoe i filled it up with cum. After i was done i figured this experience was over but i was wrong she put the cum filled shoe back on my foot and the jearked the other one off and made me cum in it and placed that shoe on my penis. The she told me next time you want to cum do it in me not my shoes and to teach you a lession im going to leave you tied up for a bit wearing my cum filled shoes. So now i learned my lession make sure the coast is clear before shoe play.

    • Re: Forced to cumAnonymous, Sat May 8 11:15am
      you guy is really lucky to have so nice service
    • reJ, Sat Apr 17 2:59pm
      Dude you are so lucky i could only dream about something like this happening to me.
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