Only Cum in Shoes & Boots(Pics & Stories). Ladies we love ur experiences and questions or if u found cum in ur shoes, Tell us!
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Fri Apr 16, 2010 11:53am

If any on want to chat or e-mail about my shoes or stories feel free to drop me a line at

  • Moms shoesJ, Wed Mar 24 4:04pm
    Hello !! Im 22 years old and have a big shoe fetish. I still live with my mom where i still have access to all of her sexy shoes. My experiences with shoes started when i was about 15 I had just... more
    • moms shoesj, Sat May 26 10:28am
      keep them comeing can u send me pic and more stories at
    • Re — J, Fri Apr 16 11:53am
      • PLEASE REPLYAnonymous, Sat May 28 5:36pm
        which type of shoes ur mom wear and do u lick her shoes
        • Re: PLEASE REPLYJ, Mon May 30 8:20am
          My mom has a good mix of shoes from flats to heels. Yes i love to lick my moms shoes just really does something for me.
    • Re: Moms shoesinsertshe, Tue Mar 30 9:30am
      Man ,pls just keep posting ,i want more story of your moms shoe ,pls .........
    • Re: Moms shoesinsertshe, Sun Mar 28 2:19am
      Pls send more story and pics to my email ,i'm from China ,tks....
      • Re: Moms shoesinsertshe, Sun Mar 28 2:21am
        can you pls send your story and pics to my emailbox ,i'm from China ,tks....
        • Re: Moms shoesJ, Sun Mar 28 3:02pm
          Sure i can send you more stories via e-mail i have a whole lot to tell. Also i have all the pics of mine and my mom shoes on my flickr site
          • Re: Moms shoesinsertshe, Mon Mar 29 12:15pm
            Thank you so much ,Dude 're lucky man ,your mom have so many sexy shoes ,i wanna to cream all of them ...
    • re mom shoesJ, Sat Mar 27 9:34pm
      I also have alot of toher stories about my mom shoes so of any one would like to hear them please let me know.
      • Re: re mom shoesAnonymous, Sun Mar 28 5:34pm
        LIKE yes please do tell.I CAN SPEAK FOR THE WHOLE I'M SURE. Please delight us. Way Kool
    • Re: Moms shoesAnonymous, Thu Mar 25 12:36pm
      That is just way kool! Way kool!.....
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