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Yesterday luck !
Wed May 5, 2010 2:23am

Yesterday I was at the friend birthday party and I never tought that I will be so lucky. Because I was a person who help to organize this party I have acces to kitchen-room where was private other toilet. whole room was under dance floor where every body were dancing and having fun. At the first minutes of the party I couldn't stop thinking about one of the girls who was also at the organization ( and she has access to kitchen room to.. our clothes jackets and other stuff was here .. rest of the people have to leave it in cloakroom ) But.. about her... she was so sexy beautiful girl .. and her shoes... perfectly small beautiful stilleto pumps with round toe with small bow. I really just can't stop to think about them and watch her feet.. but lately when every body was a bit drunk ( me also ) I forget about it and try to have a normal party time ;) But after about two hours . I saw her on the dance floor and she was wearing ballet flats !... my heart want to explode my mind start spinning. And I perefectly now what to do.. I excused my self I must go to toiltet (witch was true :D at all ) and I just ran down the private kitchen room .. and locked the door from inside.. then I slowly walked to her bag ... omg my dick want to jump off my pants.. i unzipped her bag and I saw them omg ! .. I almost go crazy I imidietelly take left one and started to lick and smell inslole .. ohh it was haven .. I could not wait no more... I took right one and stick my dick into the tight toe part.. my balls was perfectly fitted into heelcup.. I don't need to hold it with my hand .. my dick fitted perfectly into her still warm poor stiletto .. I was trying to hold up as long as possible because it was haven ... but after 5 minutes my cock wins and explode inside her poor pump.. spurt after spurt I was messying and ruining her shoe ... omg It was awesome I smeared it into insole and put it back into her bag... I like nothing happend back to party :)

    • Re: Yesterday luck !Anonymous, Sat May 8 11:13am
      Man you're really very lucky ...if you can have pics that would be great !!!! awesome and exciting experience !!
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