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New Adventure
Wed Aug 18, 2010 10:52pm

I am involved in performing arts, and very recently I had an amazing opportunity to once again indulge in my fetish.
During a show, where myself and co-performers were on stage, I had a wardrobe malfunction so I quickly exited the stage to reset myself.
While in the changing rooms (unisex may I add) I walked into the female area where all the girls leave thier clothes and ........... SHOES!!

There Is one girl, who all the guys talk about, she is SMOKING hot!!!! Long legs, longh straight black hair, deep brown eyes, the works!! Well, I had seen her pile of clothing and once I pushed her clothes over, there I saw her sexy little brown boots, the type that are tight around the foot but loosely drape around the ankles. Heaven!

I raised one boot to my nose, Inhaled, and then the other...... No smell!! Damn!! Oh well, I still wanked myself for all I was worth! I could feel myself coming, then BANG! I slammed one boot onto my cock as I pumped load after load after load of my fresh hot cum inside! I quickly put everything back and left, wandering if I should have cleaned it out.

At the end of the show, we were all in the changing room getting dressed, people started leaving while others chatted and did little odd things, when she come out from behind her curtain. She stopped, pulled a sort of `wtf` face, and took her foot out of her boot, one of the other girls asked her, `is everything ok?` *yeah, just something yucky on my foot* she wiped her foot on the carpet, and I could see my cum glistening on her foot! when she put her foot back in her boot, I could see the wet cum shed just wiped into the carpet, My heart was racing sooooo bad! Im sure I looked as guilty as hell! She said her goodbyes to everyone and left. I think Im in love with her now!!!!

    • Re: New Adventureinsertshe, Sat Aug 21 8:07am
      thanks a lot ,very hot experience
    • Re: New Adventurepumpslover, Fri Aug 20 2:46am
      amazing story !!! oh man superb !! I love that kind of situations.. I'm not in boots only in classic pumps but it was hot at all! .. mmmm thanks for sharing :)
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