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Internet Lady giving me lessons how to ... her heels amazin
Wed Sep 8, 2010 2:32am

omg ... I could not believe that I found girl like that ... shoe is 26 years old I found her message at our local Polish fetish portal that she is selling her well worn stuff.. I msg her about heels.... she of course had amazing collection of well worn heels ! ... I bought pair I chose ( she send me photos of her legs in them .. bare feet - stocking - crossed legs omg nirvana ) ... then I transfer money and postman knocked to my door 2 days after... this pair was just stunning super high heels stylish pumps made suede material with material insoles... smelled so goood! her toe prints and else.. then she chat with me ... and she is doing it every Tuesday and Thursday it's someting like... "take my sexy pump and put your dick deep into but you can't masturbate now ! leave it ! " now smell my other shoe you feel that ?? ( she is sending photos of her feet) yes. they swated this shoes for you ... omg finally I cum in her shoe ..... she is my lady now she's grate ! if you want contact with her mail me at

    • WOWJ, Sun Jan 23 7:14pm
      You are so lucky
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