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Ruby slippers
Fri Oct 1, 2010 9:53am

My love for shoes started about 10 years ago around the age of 12 i had saw the wizard of oz for the first time and just fell in love with the ruby slippers and ever since then my life was changed.

Fast forward 10 yeasr and nothing has change other than i now have a ton of shoes. Well recently i lucked up and my dream came true i have been volunteering at our local theatre for years and after years of wating we finaly did a proformance of the wizard of oz. Well long story short i had some say in picking Dorothy and the ruby slippers. By the way the girl i chose to be dorothy wore a size 11 same as me.

Any way we purchased 6 pairs of slippers and started rehearsals. By the end of the rehearsals at least one pair of slippers were wore down so me being the nice guy i am i decided to replace them with a new pair and keep the old pair for myself. Well let just say since then the slippers have received alot of love also i lucked up and snck anothe worn pair of slippers home.

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