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Purple Flats
Wed May 25, 2011 8:19pm

I have the biggest crush on my girlfriend's baby sister Tharren (19 years old). She would always come past the house before she went to work and she'll leave her shoes at the front door. Mostly flats and sneakers,she wore heels,but never took them off. So, I would always get the urge to grab her shoes and cum in them,but I had to plan and time this out,or else I'm caught. Therefore,everyday I would time her on when she comes and go. Well one day she came over while my Gf was at work and I looked down at her feet and she was wearing these cute flats. I was trembling because this was my chance to cum in her shoe. She sat down on the couch and I went to the front door,grabbed her shoe,walked quickly to my bedroom,and sniffed her shoe. It was so hard for me to get an errection because If she started to look for her shoe,what would've been my excuse? I had to hurry.I licked the inside and stroked my cock at the same time. It felt like I was making love to her lol. I shot my load in her purple flat and started to admire the shoe as I look at my sperm leak into the inner parts. I quickly put the shoe back at the front door and she was getting ready to leave,I forgot to wipe the cum out!! Ah man,I was nervous and turned on. I watched her slip her foot into the cummy shoe and she didn't think nothing of it. I was releived. 10 months later she left for college again and she left 4 pairs of her high heels behind and I'm having fun with those. She'll have a BIG suprise when she 'cum' back for the hollidays.

    • hey dudehawa, Sun May 29 3:05am
      Hey dude wats your email address maybe we can chat, I alos cum in my gfriends sisters shoes all the time.
    • Re: Purple Flatslust_for_shoes, Sat May 28 11:53pm
      you must have more mate?
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