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Mom's halloween shoe
Mon May 30, 2011 3:30pm

To start off with let me say halloween is my fav time of the year cause i can wear women shoes out in public and no one thinks twice about it. Last year my mom had a huge halloween party at our house we decide to go as the witch of the east and west from the wizard of oz. I was the witch of the west wearing a lovely black dress and my moms black hose and black flats. She was the witch of the east wearing stripped socks and sexy ruby slippers. Long stroy shot she had just got the ruby slippers and i could not wait to let lose in them as the night went on she got really drunk and finaly as everyone was leaving she passed out on the chouch. As soon as i was sure she was passed out i wasted no time i slowly removed the ruby slippers from her feet she had had them on about 5 hours straight by this time so they were a little sweaty but smelled wonderful. I quickly took the shoes and went into another room i wasted notime pullung my penis out and rubing it all over and in the sexy shoes. I played with them for a short while then i let lose in both shoes i love the way my cum was all over the sequins and in the red liner of the shoes. I took the shoes back into the den where i slowly placed them back on moms feet. When she woke up a few hours later she wasted no time removing the shoes and socks cause she said they feel icky if she only knew but i told her she spilled a drink in her shoes and even told her i would clean them and the socks up. But i also took this chance to enjoy the shoes and socks.

    • Re: Mom's halloween shoeAnonymous, Tue Mar 4 1:56am
      Very sexy would do anything for those socks and possibly a pair of boots
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