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sneaky wank in wellies
Fri Jul 8, 2011 4:12pm

was at work the other day and this girl i work with had worn her wellies into work as it was raining she later change from them into her work shoes. she left the just sat there in the office. i couldnt stop looking at them. she later came in and said im going for my lunch see you in half hour. i knew this was the only time i had. i grabbed the wellies and ran to the toilet i was shaking and knew i had to be quick. i started wanking while licking and smelling one. i was so horny got on my knees and put my balls in the other. i was just about to cum so i shot all my load into the left boot. quickly zipped up and put themback under her desk. later that day i watched her put them back on her feet knowing my load was in and on her feet.

    • Re: sneaky wank in welliesAnonymous, Sun Jul 6 7:00pm
      I would have done the same wow what a turn on and then to watch her put the wellies on with your cum inside
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