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Wife's House Slippers
Sun Oct 16, 2011 2:51am

My wife has these pink slippers that she wears ALL the time! She's a housewife, so this means that her slippers get A LOT of use - they are soft because of use and because the oils from her ultra sexy feet have come off. In fact, you can see they are stained and they smell divine.

Well, for the past week I have been sneaking them out of the room and blowing huge loads in both slippers. Every single night I take them out and shoot a load in them. I get SOOO turned on when she puts them on, knowing that my hot jizz is being massaged into her feet as she walks around.

I am actually getting stiff thinking about it, so I'm going to grab them again now and blow a nice big load into both slippers!

Hope you enjoyed my little story.


    • Re: Wife's House Slipperslust_for_shoes, Tue Oct 18 5:16am
    • Re: Wife's House SlippersAnonymous, Mon Oct 17 8:19pm
      I loved this story, I love to see women in slippers, it always makes me hard and I get off to seeing them, I have my own story that I will be posting tonight..hope you enjoy it. Does your wife any... more
      • Re: Wife's House Slippersicumonfeet, Tue Jan 24 1:59am
        Thanks for your post HG. It's nice to hear that someone else is into this as well. I'm really obsessed - I mean I was daily jizzing in her pink slippers and I don't know if she knows for sure or not. ... more
        • Re: Wife's House SlippersHG, Wed Jan 25 12:36am
          I would love to see her wearing them she looks hot in them. What size is her feet...I love small feet so sexy.
          • Re: Wife's House SlippersAnonymous, Mon May 7 3:54am
            Size 5!
            • Re: Wife's House SlippersHG, Tue May 8 4:41pm
              I love small feet on women...I love to see slipper know at the Mall, gas station, in the grocery store, there is something about a women coming out of her comfort zone in slippers that... more
          • Re: Wife's House SlippersAnonymous, Wed Jan 25 12:40am
            Also, do you just like seeing women in slippers, or do you also like to wear them? how far does your fetish go?
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