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Sister in-laws slippers
Mon Oct 17, 2011 8:23pm

This post is about my sister in-law who loves to wear slippers I buy for her. My sister in-law wears slippers, and for the past about 7 years every year for her birthday in November I purchase for her a pair of slippers, that she tells me she doesn't mind wearing...I love it. I have shared my fetish with her, so she knows what it does to me to see her in the slippers I buy for her. Now, I am married, but my wife doesn't like to wear slippers, so I have to fulful my fetish somewhere right? Well, usually around the Holidays when we have family time, my sister in-law will bring her slippers over to our house and wear them, or if we are at her house, she will put them on...I love to see her in them. My wife also does not know that I buy her slippers.. Well my adventure happen a couple of weeks ago. My sister in-law was going out of town, she lives in a house on the next street from me, she is a widow and her daughter is in college, so she lives alone. Well, she asked us to watch her house until she came back from Florida, and we live in New York. Well one day my wife went to the gym and I stayed home knowing this was an opportunity to go into my sister in-laws house to find some of the slippers I have bought her over the years. Well, I was real nervous when putting the key into the door, I went in and went straight to her bedroom...her room was neat, bed made, so I looked on the floor and no slippers. I opened her closet, and saw shoes but no slippers. then I thought to look under her bed and WHA La...she had two pairs under her bed that I had purchased for her. A white terry cloth pair and a black furry pair both closed toe slippers and open back.(the kinds that I love) I first took them both in my hands and brought the slippes to my nose...mmmmmmm the smell of her feet the aroma was dick got instantly hard, and I started to unzip my pants to let my cock out. While smelling the black pair, I started stroking my dick with my right hand...OMG if felt so good, but I was trying not to cum to fast, I really wanted to enjoy this moment you know? I knew I wanted to cum in one of the slippers, just so I would leave her something, then the next time I saw her wearing them, I would know that I had shot my load in them...the thought of doing it was driving me crazy! after playing with them some more and rubbing them all over my dick, and body, I was ready to cum...I chose the white terry cloth slippers, that way no stais would be visible, like the black slippers would be. I stroked faster and put the slipper right under the heas of my dick...held my head back and shot a load of cum in her slipper...I grunted and called out her name as I was cumming....I was standing up, and I could still feel my toes was wonderful...I then went thru her underware drawer and picke me out a pair of panties that I have cummed in several times in the past few weeks. Well she is back now, and everytime I see her, I smile to myself, wondering has she worn those slippers at all, I guess my next chance to see that would be at Thanksgiving time when our family gets together.

    • Re: Sister in-laws slippersSlipperman, Tue Jul 15 6:50pm
      Hello to all my fellow shoe lovers, I have not posted in a bit, but something fabulous happen to me on the 4th of July. My sister in-law came over to our house to spend the day with us. When she... more
    • Re: Sister in-laws slippersthomsona, Thu Jan 26 6:49pm
      Yum dude!! You're a lucky man to have a secret supporter. Dumping a load in a mule slipper that's been worn is the ultimate!! I've just discovered this forum and feel right at home!!
    • Re: Sister in-laws slipperslust_for_shoes, Tue Oct 18 5:15am
      Good work!
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