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Christmas Present
Fri Dec 16, 2011 12:19am

I always wanted to cum in my girlfriend mother's shoes. Me and her mom isn't cose at all,she practically hates me. Therefore i was never invited to go over her house. Brenda her mom wears sexy heels all the time,she likes to refer herself as the shoe diva. One day she came over and asked my gf if she could leave her groceries over and she had a pint of milk,mmmm if I can't cum in her shoes I'm gonna cum in her milk and I did. Four times,later on she picked up her stuff and went home. This was fun. Knowing the bitch who hates me,will be driking my cum. It urged me to want to cum in her shoes even more. Dec. 2009,my gf was wondering what to buy her mother for Xmas,I suggested SHOES!!! Buy her shoes. Lol. She was quite skeptical of why I was amped up on her buying her mom some shos. She didn't know I was wating for this momment for 4 years now. She agreed,we went to the mall the next day. I was so happy,I was shaking out of excitment. We hit up every tore you can think of and my gf couldn't think of a pair of shoes to buy her.WTF cmon already,just pick a pair and move on. Nope,she decided since she couldn't pick anything out,she would buy her a gift card.WTF? My dreams were shattered,I planned out how and when I would shoot my load in her mother's shoes. 25 days of jizzing til Xmas. Fast foward a year later,the same topic came up,what to buy her Mom. I said,please no more gift cards.It's tacky and lazy. I tried to make up any excuse to convince her to buy her mother a real present this time. I told her once again heels. She finally brought the heels,black suede 6 inch pumps. OMG they were sexy. I had 6 days to cum in her shoes and I came in her black sexy pumps every single day without cleaning a drop. Christmas Day came,her mother visited. She gave her the shoes and she loved them. My heart was pumping as she slpped them on because before the exchanged,I jerked off one more time in them before she recived them. As she tried them on I could hear the squishing as she wiggle her toes in the pump. I know what you all are thinking...ah shit you caught. Nope,it was raining that morning and she wore flip flops,so her feet were already wet. I dodged a bullet..again. But that's all,please leave feedback. Oh this story is 100% true.

    • cum in mother in laws shoesanders, Thu Jul 24 5:58am
      my girlfriend sells well worn shoes on ebay....she loves it when I lick her feet and suck her toes while I ... her shoes.... she absolutely loves putting on cum filled shoes and having me jerk off... more
    • Re: Christmas Presenticumonfeet, Tue Jan 24 2:04am
      You rule dude. First for cumming in her milk and secondly for blasting those sexy heels. Please post more. I love cummming in my wife's sexy house slippers (she is oblivious to this fact), but ... more
    • Re: Christmas PresentAnonymous, Fri Dec 16 12:25am
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