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Re: Sister in-laws slippers
Tue Jul 15, 2014 6:50pm

Hello to all my fellow shoe lovers, I have not posted in a bit, but something fabulous happen to me on the 4th of July. My sister in-law came over to our house to spend the day with us. When she arrived the first thing she said is I need to put my slippers on, when I heard her say it, my dick got instantly have read my other post about my sister in-law and her slippers. Well, she pulled out these black furry closed toe with Pom poms on them, and slid her feet into them....she was wearing socks, and I prefer slippers without sox, but she still looked good in them. She spent most of the day talking to my wife, and I did other stuff in the house.

At about one o clock my wife said her and her sister was going out to the store and they would be back later....right away my thought was wow I have another chance with my sister in-law's slippers....after hearing the garage door go down...I ran to those slippers that were left at the door..just for I picked one up and put my nose deep into them.OMG the scent was out of this world, next I slipped my feet into them and walked around my house in them.all the time my dick was hard as a rock. I finally went to the bathroom and took the left slipper and massaged my dick with it, while I smelled the other one. I started to strok my cock with thanticipation of shooting cum into her slippers....I stroked until I could not stand it any longer....I shot ropes of white warm cum into both slippers...OMG it was a lot and the slippers were so wet.

After getting my composure back, I started to get nervous thinking she would get back and stick her feet with socks on into the wet slippers, then what would she do? Alert my wife to what is I panic..I took the slippers and cleaned out the cum, but they were still I grabbed them and took them to the laundry room where I put them into the dryer til they were dry....when the returned sister- inlaw just gathered her things and slippers and went home....I never got to see her with on no more that day, but I have got off to the whole adventure many time since that day. I look forward to another time with her slippers, I will post again when it happens...happy smelling and cumming in shoes : )

  • Sister in-laws slippersSlipperman, Mon Oct 17 8:23pm
    This post is about my sister in-law who loves to wear slippers I buy for her. My sister in-law wears slippers, and for the past about 7 years every year for her birthday in November I purchase for... more
    • Re: Sister in-laws slippers — Slipperman, Tue Jul 15 6:50pm
    • Re: Sister in-laws slippersthomsona, Thu Jan 26 6:49pm
      Yum dude!! You're a lucky man to have a secret supporter. Dumping a load in a mule slipper that's been worn is the ultimate!! I've just discovered this forum and feel right at home!!
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