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cum in mother in laws shoes
Thu Jul 24, 2014 5:58am

my girlfriend sells well worn shoes on ebay....she loves it when I lick her feet and suck her toes while I ... her shoes.... she absolutely loves putting on cum filled shoes and having me jerk off all over her sexy bare feet.... she loves to have her toenails painted with red nail polish...
she says it looks sexy watching my cum splash all over her painted toes. recently her mum gave her some deliciously smelly flat leopard print pumps saying "here take these and sell them on ebay" so my girlfriend brought them hoe with her.... imagine my surprise when she says to me...
"mum says here some shoes for ebay... but you can cum in them a few dozen times before I list these on ebay mum says shes fine with that and also that you can ... any of her shoes that you want to when we go round to her was awesoe shooting my entire load into my girlfriends mothers shoes while my girlfriend watched.... when we went to her girlfriend wanted her toes sucked while I ...ed her mums shoes....then her mum came in....firstly she asked if she could suck my cock then she wanted me to ... her shoes while she sucked on my toes while I sucked on her daughters toes.... it was a great afternoon... now my mum in law pops round several times a week to get me to cum in her shoes before she goes into town to go round the shops... she says she loves the feel of cum between her toes when she walks....was nice to have her hold her shoe over my nose and mouth while my girlfriend sucked my cock...
it was awesome!! :)

  • Christmas PresentJethro, Fri Dec 16 12:19am
    I always wanted to cum in my girlfriend mother's shoes. Me and her mom isn't cose at all,she practically hates me. Therefore i was never invited to go over her house. Brenda her mom wears sexy heels... more
    • cum in mother in laws shoes — anders, Thu Jul 24 5:58am
    • Re: Christmas Presenticumonfeet, Tue Jan 24 2:04am
      You rule dude. First for cumming in her milk and secondly for blasting those sexy heels. Please post more. I love cummming in my wife's sexy house slippers (she is oblivious to this fact), but ... more
    • Re: Christmas PresentAnonymous, Fri Dec 16 12:25am
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