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black heels
black heels in office
Sat Jun 6, 2015 3:50pm

I thought i was crazy for being turned on by women in
heels. Then i came across this forum! After reading some
stories, i had to make my fantasy a reality. I have a coworker
at the office who has a very nice body. Head to toe. I saw
her one day wearing a sexy pair of black heels. 4" black pumps.
anyways, one day late after work i stopped by her desk
and found she left her heels under her desk! I was so excited
but also so nervous. But i just had to do i took them
back to my desk and started to rub my cock in them.
i was so turbed on thaty precum was getting all over the insole.
it was turning me on even more. Finally i couldnt hold it
anymore and let out an explosion of cum all over the inside
and outside of her heels. I cleaned them up and put them back.
seeing her wear them the next day turned me on so much that i
had to do it again a few days later! This time...i recorded it and took
pictures! Now i can watch and look over and over again. I found
out a few months later that she likes me!! She has no
idea what i have done. After a few dates, one night after work
while she was wearing the heels, i ...ed her over her desk
while grabbing her legs and heels. What a true dream come true!

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