Tue Jun 17, 2014 11:59

I understand the Japanese site.because Mashiro is married now I believe. But there are so many stories I wouod love to see 9n this site. I wish i knew ja0anese so i couod translate.

  • Re: updates?Bill, Mon Jun 16 15:28
    Yes, I'm wondering that as well. It's been a very long time since both the English and Japanese versions of the site were updated. :(
    • Re: updates?omega3, Mon Jun 23 15:59
      Hey u hav an email? Gotta ask u something
      • Re: updates?Bill, Tue Jun 24 13:12
        Omega3, are you asking me or Mashiro?
    • update — mashirofan, Tue Jun 17 11:59
      • Re: updateAnonymous, Sat Jun 21 02:17
        I think the reason nothing ever gets done is because when ever someone comes along able and willing to translate, someone makes up copyright laws that don't exist or apply and scare the people off,... more
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