Eternal Wanderer
Re: quiet
Fri Oct 7, 2016 12:54

It's too quiet.

  • quietllirbwerdnadivad, Fri Oct 7 03:34
    The site is quiet. :(
    • Yeah...Bill, Fri Oct 7 14:00
      Mashiro-san seems to have vanished off the face of the internet, unfortunately. :(
      • Re: Yeah...Eternal Wanderer, Fri Oct 7 15:36
        Maybe so but the stories are still there. Even if translating the entirety of Okashina Futari wasn't in the cards, it still would have been nice to see some of his one off stories translated. That... more
        • Re: Yeah...Bill, Sun Oct 9 04:32
          I would love to read those translations! Mashiro's stories are so fun. I had Second Chance ( ) translated several years ago, which you can download here: ... more
          • Re: Yeah...Eternal Wanderer, Sun Oct 9 06:36
            Okay they are all up, feel free to set up a media fire download if you want.
          • Re: Yeah...Eternal Wanderer, Sun Oct 9 05:27
            Okay I'll try and remember to post them here later today. Though honestly these are just some more Kayo Chan stories. I actually had really enjoyed Second Chance and wanted to read more plus I really ... more
    • Re: quiet — Eternal Wanderer, Fri Oct 7 12:54
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