Eternal Wanderer
Re: Yeah...
Sun Oct 9, 2016 05:27

Okay I'll try and remember to post them here later today. Though honestly these are just some more Kayo Chan stories. I actually had really enjoyed Second Chance and wanted to read more plus I really liked the art I saw in the sites image gallery and wanted some context into what led to these situations. Sadly my translator vanished after only doing a few stories but but at least I have something.

  • Re: Yeah...Bill, Sun Oct 9 04:32
    I would love to read those translations! Mashiro's stories are so fun. I had Second Chance ( ) translated several years ago, which you can download here: ... more
    • Re: Yeah...Eternal Wanderer, Sun Oct 9 06:36
      Okay they are all up, feel free to set up a media fire download if you want.
    • Re: Yeah... — Eternal Wanderer, Sun Oct 9 05:27
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