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A Prize Beyond One's reach
Sun Oct 9, 2016 06:18

Here the first of the three stories I had translated. If any of you have any issues with any translation discrepancies with with what has previously been done feel free to edit it yourself.

If you want to compare it the the Japanese version here is the link.

Good afternoon, nice to meet you. My name is Mashiro Kayo.

Lately, everyone around me is in heart-ache. My actions are for their sake. I am still inexperienced but, if you happen to pass by me and have any worries or the like, please tell me of them all. I will show you I'll do whatever is in my ability to help ease my client's worries. So please, feel at ease and share your problem with me.

Now then, the customer this time is...

“Kyaa! He's here!”

“For real!”

The newer members of the basketball club were making a big fuss. Well, no, not just the them. Every single female student training in the gym was paying attention.

The tennis club's ace, Ijuuin Eiji had just arrived.

The girls dropped their practice routines, bolted upright and were making a racket over Ijuuin as he faced them and waved, flashing his white toothed smile in the process.

Many loud “KYAAA!'s” could heard.


“How dreamy”

And other such cheers could be heard as well.

“Hey girls! You need to take practice seriously!”

The advising teacher let himself be known.

The girls reluctantly return to training. The gym regains it's liveliness.

“Why the heck is the tennis club using the gym?”

“Well it's raining, can't do anything about that.”

The boys in the basketball club were complaining. It was the same in the other clubs. The entire female student body present had all at once directed their gaze at Ijuuin, and everyone else was not happy about it.

“Ok, Let's start with practice swings”

Ijuuin issues an order. All at once the club members all follow suit.

Ijuuin trains with the same enthusiasm. However, those gazes were still fixed on that one point in the gym.

“It's so dreamy how he takes leadership too”

He has that type of popularity that makes you think “he's got it all.”

“I wonder if he has anyone he likes”

“What are you talking about!? It's a secret everyone knows!”

“Hey you two, quiet”

The rhythmic gymnastics club leader Seseki Ayano spoke. Slim, tall, and beautiful, truly she is the flower of the club.


“Hmm. Is that really a problem...”

Kayo was thinking.

“It is for me”

“Umm, so it's like this right”

And saying that she began writing on the blackboard.

They're in an empty classroom after school.

“You like that girl... Seseki from the rhythmic gymnastics club, right?”

“Your voice is too loud!”

Ijuuin blushed without even a thought.

“Ah, sorry about that”

Kayo regretted it a bit.

“But, I've overheard that you're quite popular, aren't you?”

“That... doesn't mean anything if it doesn't reach the person I most want it to...”

“Wow, you're quite passionate”

Kayo teases him.

“In any case, I want to show her my good side”

“You mean Seseki?”


“She's never been to any of your matches or anything?”

“It's 'cause she leads a club too. She doesn't have time for that”

Ijuuin explained why she wouldn't be swayed by him at all. Seems she is quite a steadfast person. He said that her feminine modesty too, was another point of fascination for him.

“And so, you want to appeal to her by showing her your good points first-hand”

“Well... yeah”

“And with that, to confess to her... right?”

Ijuuin nodded in silence.

Ohh, how innocent, she thought to herself.

“Ok. Leave it to me”

“You'll do it for me?”


Ijuuin gave a stiff handshake and then left the room.

After thinking about it a bit, he murmured this with confidence.

“Yeah... if I want to gain her respect... I have to show her my good points in her own specialty”

“That's no good at all!”

Ijuuin suddenly let out in a loud voice.

Loud voices and such are an everyday thing for the bustling gym, but inadvertently something grabbed all the attention. Everyone in the gym took notice of Ijuuin and the tennis club, in one way or another.

“Not like that, it's like this”

Ijuuin said as he appeared in front of the other club members. As expected, he's looking in Seseki's direction. Seseki also indirectly looked at him from the corner of her eye. Ijuuin gains an overabundance of energy.

“First take the racket and...Huh?”

He didn't understand what just happened. The racket in his hand just became soft and flexible.


The other members noticed it too.

There was only a short stick left of the racket, and a long ribbon had appeared.

“Wha-What the heck?”

The confused Ijuuin's body undergoes a strange transformation.

“...? ...Huh? Uh, Ughhh...”

All of a sudden Ijuuin was in pain, and the rest of the members could tell something abnormal was happening.


The gym gradually begins to get quiet.

“My... body... it...”

Ijuuin said, as he stumbled from the pain of his chest, which suddenly felt like it was being hugged too hard.

“Your body?”

One of the new members caught his fall.

Wha-What the? What this strange sensation on his chest?

He jerked his hand away.

A rather abundant bosom bounced.


One of the girls in the tennis club that was watching screamed.

“What...? Is this...?”

The transformation didn't stop there. His bottom quite obviously became larger. His legs filled out his shorts and he became pigeon-toed, his leg hair disappeared and revealed his now long, beautiful legs.


Said the dumbstruck tennis club junior.

Shocked, a boy in the basketball club drops the ball from his hands without realizing it, and stands there completely frozen.

It bounces off the ground and rolls into a volleyball member standing there, just as shocked.

Ijuuin's waist tightened up. His shoulders narrowed, his build became softer and more feminine.

“What... in the world...?”

He said his new completely cute voice. Right before his eyes, his hands became soft and pretty. His rough hair became unbelievably silky smooth and the length of it fell down to his chest.

A loud shriek reverberated throughout the gym.

“I-Ijuuin has... he's—!”


Ijuuin looked over his body that had changed from top to bottom.

No way... this... can't be...

He thought, as a new transformation began.

His male tennis wear now clung to his body.


Suddenly, right before his eyes, his uniform changed into a leotard.

“Kyaa! Ijuuiiiin!”

Ijuuin was looking over his own body. His now beautiful figure was daringly exposed by an immodest leotard. His breasts that suddenly appeared out of nowhere were covered by pads.


Ijuuin had become a beautiful girl dressed in a leotard.

This is...? I-I've... into a girl...!? And not only that, this...

His hands moved on their own and tied his hair into a ponytail.

N-No... s-stop iiiiit!

Ignoring the pleas of his heart, his nape was now exposed. There was a very healthy glamour about him.

The other boys ended up covering the frontal area and squatting down.

When it was all over, his regained his posture.

This is... It can't be!

Then he picked up the ribbon that transformed earlier.

Stop iiiiiiit!

“No! Stooop!”

Girls screams echo throughout the gym. Among them, some are breaking down in tears from the shock.

Ijuuin's hand began twirling the ribbon all on it's own. It danced through the air like it was a living thing.

Making light steps, his body began dancing a beautiful rhythmic gymnastic routine.

He was desperately fighting against it, but he couldn't regain control over his dancing body

“My body... Is moving on it's own... Aaah!”

His voice wasn't reaching through to the gallery though.

And so, Ijuuin, his body continuing it's beautiful dance contrary to his wishes, was living a nightmare.

Just like everyone else, Seseki is watching me, dumbfounded!

Ahhh! S-Seseki! Don't watch me when I'm like this... n-nooo... why is this happening... AHHH!

While tears of shame welled up in him from the very bottom of his being, Ijuuin continued to dance as a beautiful girl in a leotard...

Weeeell, being a cupid of love is just who I, Kayo, am. I went a little overboard by including my own interpretation. Tee hee.

If you have any troubles with love, please visit me! With that, let us meet again! Well then!

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