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The Longest Day of a Certain Riot Squad
Sun Oct 9, 2016 06:21

Here is the second story I had translated. Original version is here

“The Longest Days of a Certain Riot Police”

Written by Mashiro Yuh

Good afternoon, nice to meet you. My name is Mashiro Kayo.

Lately, everyone around me is in heart-ache. My actions are for their sake. I am still inexperienced but, if you happen to pass by me and have any worries or the like, please tell me of them. I'll show you I'll do whatever is in my ability to help ease my client's worries. So please, take it easy and share your problem with me.

Now then, the customer this time is...

Yamazaki was bothered.

Today was certainly a slow day.

However, that's what he hates the most.

In the end, backup came in force. It seems the other stations are having just as slow of a day.

“Hey, Yamazaki”

“Oh, Fujimura, help me out here”

A great crowd of children were making a big racket right in front of them.

The female police officers were supposed to hold a charity event today, but because of other urgent business, in the end no one was left. It might seem like a better idea to postpone it a bit but it doesn't seem like we'll have free time outside of today, and so they forced their event on everyone else.

However, out of all people it could have been, the ones that pulled the short end of the stick was the traffic riot squad, which is filled with big burly man types.

On top of already not being used to handling kids, as soon as the kids see how tough and scary the look, they're going to break out in tears and that'll be the end of it.

Yamazaki sat down with a flop.

“Phew, son of a bitch”

Yamazaki left the situation to his subordinates and took a load off. This is the very same Yamazaki, the demon, that makes infamous biker gangs tremble, and he is ruined in the face of these children.

Well, I guess this is just more evidence of peaceful days... he thought, among other things.

He doesn't have any kids but, if he were to get serious about having one, he does think they are kind of cute… maybe

“Hey, mister”

He suddenly noticed a girl who was obviously a grade schooler from the lower grades was sitting quietly next to him.

“O-Oh, hey”

It's rare for anyone to talk particularly to him, and it's not so bad being called “mister” in her little kid way.

“What's wrong? Why are you sittin' down here?”

“Hm? Oh”

“Are you tired?”

“Yeah, basically, just tired.”



Yamazaki smiled wryly.

“Don't you think these guys are all scary?”

He shot a question back at her.

“Nope, they're not scary at all”

She said as she smiled innocently.

“Hahaha, you might not think that missy, but...”

“It's Kayo”


“My name's Kayo. Mashiro Kayo”

Saying that, suddenly out of nowhere she pulls out a business card and presents it to him. On it was written: “Whether worries of the heart or body, I will undertake them. Mashiro Kayo”

“Hmmm, Kayo-chan is it”

“If you have some kind of problem, please let me hear it”

“Hmm. A problem huh...”

He shifted his gaze toward the assembly hall. The big, tough men are there having a hard time handling the group of fiendish rascals.

“Us aside, I just feel sorry for the kids”

“Hm? The kids?”

“No, well, lately the officers reputation hasn't been so great, you see. Well, we're the traffic division so that could turn into a long story but...”

“In other words?”

“Since they came all this way I would have liked to let them interact with the charming female officers”

“Ah, I see. I understand, please leave it to me”


She was strangely brimming with confidence but Yamazaki had some doubts.

“I beg of you, please stop cryiiiing”

Yoshikawa says, seemingly on the verge of crying himself.

“Hey Maeda! Is “Eri” over there somewhere?”

“How should I know!?”

“I think she got lost or something...”

“Don't bother me about every little—...? ...Huh?”

“What? What's wrong?”

“Er, well... my body... it feels... strange... for some reason”

Maeda said, as a kid begins pulling on his pantleg.

“Mister, hey mister, boobs came out”


As he turned his head towards his front, he saw his plump, swelled out chest and froze.

“Uh, uhhh...”


While he said that, his hips jutted out abundantly, his legs became long and beautiful, and he became pigeon-toed. Continuing, his waist was rendered slender to the point of looking unable to support his now large bust.

Wha-What the...? What is this?”

Said Yoshikawa as he saw his man-hair disappear and his hands became beautiful. His original body is already completely different.

His black hair grew down to the length of his back and then tied itself up. And then, his pants slid up his waist and the pantlegs fused together, resulting in miniskirt.

His bare legs rubbed together softly.


This, this is a skirt... isn't it!?

“You're so cute miss!”

The thoroughly delighted children patted the officers bottoms.

“Wha-What the heck happened to you?”

“Same to you pal...!”

“Huh? HUUUUUH!?”

Maeda had also turned into a young, pretty, uniformed policewoman.

And looking around, there wasn't a singly burly riot squad officer left, there were only policewomen.


Well, that officer sure was a nice person wasn't he. And since he was, I ended up putting my full strength into it. The kids were really happy too! This was Mashiro Kayo, ally not just to small businesses, but even government officials. But still, after that incident the appearance of biker gangs suddenly erupted... how strange.

Welp anyway, until we meet again!

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